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Ian Fleming, R.L. Stine, James Patterson, Tom Clancy

What do they all have in common? Aside from being famous authors, these storytellers have all used ghostwriters to help keep up with the demand for their popular novels and series. Just as ghostwriting can be used for novelists, it is also a suitable method for bloggers and small businesses. Do you find your site gaining traffic and you want to keep your blog active? Do you have a story to tell, or maybe you write articles about other fictional works? Ghostwriting may be the solution to your busy schedule.

Social Media/Blurbs ($5)

Want to create interesting tweets or posts to your Facebook page to attract potential readers? Or perhaps your website follows a unique short-and-sweet format to encourage customers to purchase your product? If the total amount of words needed is 300 or less, then you only pay $5. This service can be completed within 4-6 hours depending on the amount of posts needed and the variety.

For tweets, Fleets, Facebook updates, Facebook and Instagram Stories: $5 for 3 (mix & match available)

For blurbs and short posts* for social media: $5 for 2 (mix & match available)

For larger posts for social media: $5 per post

*A post is defined as short if it contains 50 words or less and no more than 3 tags. Larger posts are maxed out at 300 words and 10 tags; anything above that amount would be subject to the blog pricing shown below.

Blogs ($5+)

Reviews, current events, fiction, life–no matter what the reason was that prompted you to start a blog, you find yourself feeling burnt out or unmotivated. Ghostwriting means you let someone else do the work, while you get the credit. This is a perfectly legal strategy to keep your blog active. This service can be completed within 2-3 days depending on the amount of blogs and the variety.
Preferred genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense, Drama, Teen/Young Adult

300 words or less: $5

301-500 words: $7

501-700 words: $9

701-1000 words: $12

1001+ words: $0.50 per 100 words over

You can request multiple short blogs that fall within the above word counts and only pay the price shown for that word count. Three blogs at 200 words each would then be $9 altogether, as opposed to $5 each.

NSFW Works

If you work in the sex industry, you may be asked to blog to entice potential consumers depending on your employer–and if you work for yourself, you might find it difficult to gain a following without a team. A blog with the right spice could very well be the key to turning that lurker into a paying customer–but employers ask for regular, original content for each persona across every website at their disposal. That’s a lot of writing! I can help lighten the load by writing full blogs within your employer’s parameters, all while emulating your character.

NSFW blurbs and blogs are priced the same as the normal rate (including the bundling option), and blurbs, social media posts, and blogs with 500 words or less will not be subject to an upcharge; the total word count of all requested blogs dictates the upcharge amount. This service can be completed within 2-3 days depending on the amount of blogs and the variety.

501-700 words: $0.50

701-1000 words: $0.75

1001+ words: $1 per 200 words over

The upcharge amount is added onto the base price for the requested service. If you are in urgent need of a blog and have no idea what to write about, click the button above and contact me to discuss expedited options.

Payment for the requested service is due before the actual service commences. Payments can be made securely through PayPal. Please do not send any payments for services in the form of a donation on WordPress, Vocal, or Ko-fi, and please do not use the donations to request these services. I prefer to have the details regarding what you need before any payment is received. Timelines given are subject to change in the event of an emergency. This service is non-refundable as any necessary adjustments can be made afterwards free of charge.