Who’s Who: Clarence of the De Ardo Coven

Birth Name: Helga Farina “Hellfire” Burke

Chosen Name: Clarence Lennon “Nanny” Burke

Identity: transgender male

Birth Date: 17th of May

Profession: security guard

Height: 1.88 m

Hair: short raven black coils, thick curly beard

Orientation: pansexual

Age: 30

Zodiac: Taurus

Weight: 82 kg

Eyes: pewter blue-grey

Complexion: light taupe with blue-red undertones (Tattoos: sun rune on his chest, eye on his left palm, double-headed axes on both arms, and various sigils for protection running down his spine)

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): wards, defensive spells, security seals, enchantment tracking, pyromancy

Greatest fear: losing another loved one

Clarence in his workout garb. Check out his sick tats! Sketch by oveikeii

Interested in:

  • UK rap, gangsta rap, alt/heavy/black metal
  • baking (don’t judge)
  • lockpicking (don’t ask)
  • card and board games
  • putting puzzles together with Cari
  • thrifting
  • mazes & escape rooms
  • petting pets
  • jogging

Disinterested in:

  • secrets
  • making children cry
  • bugs (DON’T JUDGE)
  • losing
  • leaving something incomplete
  • panic attacks (been awhile)

Random Facts:

1. While the nickname “Hellfire” seems like it would have come from Clarence’s birth name, it’s actually a partial reference to his fire affinity.

2. He got his first tattoo from a mortal tattoo shop in Ireland at only sixteen. It was the name of an ex-partner; the tattoo has since been removed.

3. When Clarence was a teenager, he was the undefeated champion of underground broom racing. Riding enchanted brooms outside of the dark dimension or designated “safe zones” is punishable by a hefty fine and two years of incarceration.

4. The Burke family used to be its own coven before they were disbanded thanks to underhanded tricks by the Hollingsworth Coven. Most of the families who remained loyal to the Burkes followed them in joining the De Ardo Coven, effectively making them the largest witch coven in magick history.

5. Clarence’s parents, Eldridge and Destiny Burke, were the heads of the Burke Coven, and they currently manage all security measures for the De Ardo Coven. They also have three other children: the eldest, Ursa, who is married to Rodney Blake; a pair of twins, Zion and Galen, the former of which is engaged to Blaze Riddle; and the youngest, Aurelia, who is attending university. Clarence is the second-eldest.

6. It’s not that Clarence doesn’t like Axel, so much as he absolutely loathes teenagers with attitudes. One hundred and fifty-seven years hasn’t changed that for Ax…

7. Despite their rigid employer-employee presentation, Clara de Ardo and Clarence Burke get along famously. He knows her past and respects her, while she appreciates his loyalty and adoration of her children.

8. As he has an affinity with protection spells and seals, Clarence knows when anyone enters or exits their home at all times. He’s aware that Cari sneaks out to stargaze, but since her glamours and broom-handling skills are advanced, he pretends not to notice.

9. Clarence met Val and Cari when they were eight and two, respectively. Axel had been around since Val’s birth, so she was more taken with him than with Clarence–Cari sees both of them as her guardians. She used to tell her primary school teachers that Clarence was her Nanny and Axel her big brother.

10. He knows the identities of the fathers of the de Ardo girls. He has sworn an oath of secrecy, and can only discuss the matter with Clara.

Art by oveikeii ♠️
Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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