Who’s Who: Rene of the De Mortie Coven

Art by oveikeii

Name: Renette Luisa De Mortie

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 17th of April

Year: Sophomore

Height: 1.65 m

Hair: thick mahogany-dyed curls, normally worn in goddess or box braids

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 15

Zodiac: Aries

Weight: 54.4 kg

Eyes: umber brown

Complexion: rich sepia brown with warm coral undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): curse protection, hexes/jinxes, lumomancy, glamours/illusions, voodoo, hoodoo

Greatest fear: being humiliated

Renette just being interested in seeing what Cari will do next. Sketch by oveikeii

Interested in:

  • the beach
  • bonfires
  • watching the sunrise/sunset
  • aesthetic selfies
  • teen drama series
  • some reality tv (depends)
  • raspberry jelly-filled donuts & beignets
  • Dabbit dolls
  • making clothes and accessories

Disinterested in:

  • humiliation
  • bullying
  • Lenora and her squad
  • action-packed films
  • Felix’s creepy friends
  • being teased for her Dabbit doll obsession

Random Facts:

1. Renette is the youngest of the two De Mortie heirs. The eldest is her brother, Jean Felix De Mortie, commonly referred to as Felix. This means that Rene reaped the benefits that came with being a member of the main witch family of New Orleans without anywhere near as much pressure as her brother experienced.

2. In the De Mortie Coven, male witches are encouraged to seek out a female mate within the coven, while female witches are expected to find a male mortal for the sake of procreation. For nonbinary and genderfluid members, it is advised to seek out a partner under the aforementioned guidelines while keeping their biological sex in mind. Surrogate pregnancy and artificial insemination are options for witches that are not heterosexual or desire offspring. Renette and her brother have the same parents; their father, Jean Renold was the De Mortie heir before Felix, and their mother is Marie Solange Thelemaque, the second cousin of Kettia Thelemaque.

3. Renette has been obsessed with the Dabbit Dolls since she was little. She’s collected nearly every single one in existence, and pre-orders the new ones that come out each year. She even collects the plush alternates and keychains, and she makes life-size outfits to match her dolls.

4. She may or may not have created her own voodoo doll and placed a powerful love spell on it to send to Michael B. Jordan. Felix found it and removed the spell before the mailman came to pick up the package. Renette was only ten years old.

5. The De Mortie family runs a clothing brand called Ayida that acts as both supplemental income and a cover for their wealth. Both Felix and Renette are expected to run Ayida after they finish college.

6. Renette keeps a sketchbook of ideas for clothes, costumes, jewelry, and even footwear. She browses Pixily (occult version of Pinterest) for inspiration.

7. She follows many makeup artists, fashion reviewers, and models on DarkScene, and is actually a big fan of Oreste.

8. As much as she complains about Felix, Renette loves him more than she’ll ever let show.

9. She’s terrified of heights and refuses to learn how to fly a broomstick. “It’s 2021, I’m ordering a Sterity,” she always says. (Sterity is like occult Uber/Lyft)

10. As is tradition in the De Mortie Coven, all high school aged youth must find a way to practice their magick. Renette and her coven do so by providing divination services, spells, and curse dolls to mortals. They make sure not to actually invoke magick when publicly performing spells or curse dolls, so as to not harm any humans.

Art by oveikeii ♠️
Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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