About The De Mortie Coven

The illustrious De Mortie Coven, known for its adoption of voodoo rituals and affinity for light magick.

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Coven Heads

Jean Felix De Mortie – Priest (Rank 6 Light Mage), 2017-present

Gesner Alain Saint Vil – Rank 5 Healer

Marie Solange Thelemaque – Rank 5 Fortuneteller

Dieula Farah LaRue – Rank 5 Curse Mage

Gladys Lahaye – Rank 5 Mage

💁🏽 You’ll notice two differences between the De Mortie witch heads and those of the De Ardo and Serafim covens: the first is the inclusion of multiple specialists. This is because the De Ardo Coven has no one affinity under their belt, and they and the Serafims don’t see the need in advertising everyone’s specialties to their competitors. Meanwhile, the De Morties enjoy flaunting their affinities with lumomancy, curses, and fortunetelling, so all three are included. While all members learn lumomancy, only those in the main family are considered true experts.

The second thing you’ll notice is Felix’s rank. Historically, rank five was the highest there was… Until this latest generation. Felix and his peers all seem to be even stronger than their parents–even Val is expected to reach rank six by the time she comes of age. Makes one wonder what the other first heirs will rank at when their time comes…

Former Heads

Jean Renold De Mortie – 1987-2017

Carine Roseline De Mortie – 1957-1987

Francky Wesly De Mortie – 1927-1957

Odette Marie De Mortie – 1897-1927

Mireille Jean De Mortie – 1867-1897

Louise De Mortie – 1851-1867

Jeannot Saint Cyr De Mortie – 1821-1851

Georges Bien De Mortie – 1791-1821

💁🏽 Though initially matriarchal (the above list is not extensive), the De Mortie Coven stopped allowing the strongest female witch to amass power as it would go to their heads. After opening up the running to all genders, they learned this issue was not limited to sex, and a single family of powerful witches took charge, putting the rebellious souls in their place. They renamed themselves after the coven, taking the surname of its founder as their own, and the firstborn heirs of the heads have led the coven into era after era of peace.


Renette Luisa De MortieRank 3 Light Mage Apprentice, second heir

💁🏽 As Felix’s only sibling, Rene will be expected to step up as priestess in the event that her brother becomes incapacitated. Next in line is Felix’s unborn child with Angeline Mesidor, a local human who was only recently brought into the coven for protection. No one except Felix and the other head witches know what she needs protection from…

Members Attending AOA

Naomie Blaise – Rank 4 Fortuneteller, senior

Yolette Saint Vil – Rank 3 Healer Apprentice, junior

Kettia Thelemaque – Rank 3 Fortuneteller Apprentice, junior

Matthias Lahaye – Rank 2 Mage Apprentice, sophomore

Jean-Noël LaRue IIRank 1 Curse Mage Apprentice, freshman

Current Members

Jean-Noël LaRue Sr – Rank 5 Curse Mage

Marie Esther Saint Vil – Rank 5 Mage

Yonel Blaise – Rank 5 Fortuneteller

Stanley Blaise – Rank 5 Mage

Rose Bastien – Rank 5 Mage

Marjorie Thelemaque – Rank 5 Fortuneteller

Lionel Vixamar – Rank 5 Mage

Harold Ulysse – Rank 5 Mage

Merline Rene – Rank 5 Mage

Jorah Discord – Rank 5 Mage

Hazel Discord – Rank 5 Mage

Silver Discord – Rank 5 Mage

Juna Valcin – Rank 4 Curse Mage

Vinel Valcin – Rank 4 Curse Mage

Cinnabar Discord – Rank 4 Mage

Anne Rose Nelson – Rank 4 Mage

Arietta Grimsbane – Rank 4 Mage

Xena Grimsbane – Rank 4 Mage

Luckson Zamor – Rank 4 Healer

Chantale Zamor – Rank 4 Healer

Rachelle Ellie – Rank 4 Mage

Pilan Crowe – Rank 4 Mage

Rosenie Cineus – Rank 4 Mage

Rosemond Valcin – Rank 1 Curse Mage Apprentice

Remy Zamor – Rank 1 Healer Apprentice

Sherley Blaise – Rank 1 Fortuneteller Apprentice

💁🏽 This list is just a taste of the De Mortie Coven’s size. They are the witch coven of Louisiana, and their reach extends to other southern states in North America while maintaining a steady base in Haiti. Felix has been considering sending a few high-ranking witches to France to recruit some of the families there that are hesitant to join the De Ardo Coven, which would undoubtedly put him in Clara’s crosshairs.


Photo by Andrew Morris on Unsplash

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Graphic made at Canva

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