Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 25

14th day of August in the year 2140

Hey there, Clint. Been a few months since I last updated this diary. I’ve just been so busy with everything, from the halfway house to training for my scouting duties… But let’s start from where my last entry left off.

Mama told me about how you went back for them after leaving me in Savannah. You used the chaos of Daddy’s death to rescue them–you helped them escape, just like you promised you would. It’s moments like this when I wish you were here, so I could thank you for keeping your word.

Our family was moved to the colony, and they live here at the halfway house. Maggie, Lori, and Hank have been helping out with meals and making repairs around the complex. Mama entered the workforce as well; she helps out at the power plant with Mrs. Hall. Addy is attending the human school; I’ve been tutoring her in my spare time.

Tuck was badly hurt by Uncle Clyde and the gang. That was why Mama had them on the move; they were trying to get to Savannah before they could do anything worse. The damage was done though… Tuck didn’t make it. I only managed to say goodbye to him before he passed–they couldn’t bring Kris fast enough, and Kris said he can’t heal a person once death has taken them. He was only seventeen.

Mama and Hank took Tuck’s death the hardest. Mama blames herself–says it’s her fault they went scavenging for supplies in Clyde’s territory. Hank told me he feels like half of him is gone without his twin. Mona explained that identical siblings are usually closer than normal siblings, so we’ve been keeping eyes on Hank and looking out for signs of depression.

So far, everyone’s been getting along well. Ruben’s been doing a great job of helping me keep the peace, and the kids of the halfway house have welcomed my family with open arms. Some colonists are having a hard time allowing bandits here–hell, some of the elders in the court aren’t exactly welcoming. Monty made his stance on the issue public, though, so many colonists have done their best to keep an open mind.

I decided on my contribution to the colony, aside from the halfway house; I’m a scout, a defender on the colony’s border who occasionally goes on supply runs. It’s been fun so far–nowhere near as action-packed as Mona made it out to be. We just patrol sections of the border in pairs while a lookout keeps watch overhead. I had spent the entire summer training with Natalie in preparation for my exam. I aced it, no problem.

Monty and I are still going strong. We see each other pretty often now that I’m on the border–he and his animals are frequent patrollers. Mama loves him, says she’s happy that I found someone as lovesick for me as I am for them.

None of us have really taken the time to talk about all the things Daddy put us through. We haven’t unpacked the years of abuse and trauma we were dealt, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s been nice to get to know my relatives like this. No more training sessions where we’re drilled to the point of exhaustion, or beatings for every minute mistake. We’re free–again, all thanks to you.

There is something that’s been bothering me as we get closer to my birthday. After that ordeal with Koji, Monty met with the chief of the Semes Tribe–the tribe of demons that had arrived near Savannah. They made a temporary truce and agreed to work together to defend the colony from any potential bandit raids. It’s mutually beneficial, since the chief has been recruiting members from the humans we house–the chief declined the offer to live in the colony, though. The thing that bothers me is, the prince is supposed to feel all movement in his territory–so how did you and I get in without alerting the angels? And what if that means there are other bandits who can get past Monty?

I know I should have more faith in him. He’s surprisingly strong and fast and powerful, even with an ability as unique as his. Since he learned he could bring another person’s art to life, he’s been working with Mona on ideas for more tattoos. It’s certainly easier for him to summon animals and weapons without having to bust out a pad and pen–at least I’d feel a lot better if more of his creations were readily available.

Oh yeah, back on the subject of demons; I found out that Koji and Kent weren’t the only colonists recruited by the tribe. Apparently Marilyn and Tawni were also recruited, which explains why Kent and Tawni were so distant over the past six months. I’ve never seen Mair so happy–it’s like she’s blossoming into someone, or something, else. She dumped Walt after she found her soul mate in Chief Dane. I’ve yet to meet him, but she swears he’s a nice and fair leader.

Anyway, I should go meet with Mona. We have a lot of August/September birthdays here at the halfway house–a lot of parties and cupcakes. I wonder why that is?

Stay safe.

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