Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 29

9th day of October in the year 2140

Hi Clint. It’s been a minute. It feels like no time has passed at all between my birthday and now, but things have changed. Some good changes, others bad, and others just… Iffy.

Monty and I have never been better. We each have a drawer at the other’s home, and we spend most nights together. It’s been nice because he’s been joining our family and the halfway house tenants for dinner more often than not, leading to some interesting interactions.

There have been a couple of times where we–Monty, Mona and I–ate dinner with Matteo and Zenobia. Talk about awkwardness. It seems like Mona is getting along better with her father though. I am, too.

Now onto the iffy news: Kaine and Benji were recruited by Chief Dane last month. Since he’s refusing to move his tribe in, they were both forced to leave the colony. Tyler helped Kaine pack, and Gabby was so torn. Benji insisted that they both had a mission to complete with their tribe, so I can’t exactly be too upset for them. They have a purpose now instead of contributing to a colony that more or less felt indifferent towards them. I’m proud of them for going along with it.

At least, I was, until Monty explained that they had no choice but to follow Dane’s orders. Can you believe I still haven’t met that asshole? Nice and fair, my ass. How can he be those things when he keeps teenagers away from the people who care about them the most?

The bad news is that we’ve received word of bandit sightings on both I-95 and I-16. Those lead directly to us. It sounds to me as if they’re trying to discourage traders; Savannah relies primarily on goods and supplies traded in from other colonies. Sure, we have plenty of farmland and crops, but we need medicine and clothes. Not to mention the number of colonies that don’t have farmland and rely on our crops and weapons…

To combat this, Monty is having Cienna work on growing medicinal herbs while the Palladinos are making weapons day and night. Then he’ll have Natalie, Connor, and Sal escort the traders and the goods to the Fayetteville colony. It’s a three hour trip there, and then they’d have to stick around until the next group of traders is ready to leave. They’ll be acting as escorts every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

While I’m sure that Natalie and the guys will be fine–she’s an absolute beast at combat, and Connor’s illusions and Sal’s superstrength are nothing to scoff at–I’m worried about what this means for the colony. Are Clyde and the remaining members of the Jesup gang making these moves intentionally? Does this have something to do with Koji’s warning?

I gotta get to bed, Monty’s waiting for me. Night, stay safe.

Photo by Bradyn Shock on Unsplash

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