S.o.t.S. Entry #6

A six-stringed accoustic guitar with miniature bouquets of pale pink roses and little white flowers tucked between the strings and the neck of the instrument. Blue ribbon can be seen further along, presumably wrapped around one or more bouquets by or inside the guitar's cavity.
Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography via Unsplash
I've got a problem,
And I need your help.
I hear a whisper,
When there's no one else.
The promises it makes leaves me out of tears...

It is now too late, I fear.

I've got a problem,
Could you lend a hand?
My legs are weary,
And it's hard to stand.
The nights are endless and this bed is cold...

You said that with me, you would grow old.

All this time lost to an empty void.
All these memories left in a heart you destroyed.
Can someone help me?
Please someone, help me!

I've got a problem,
This soul is polluted.
Invading my mind;
This bleeding heart, you intruded.
Whatever can I do so that I may be free...

Could anyone please help me?

Written by Brigit.

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