S.o.t.S. Entry #2

You see a weight;
It screams for attention.
It requires coddling and a caretaker;
Someone with patience, and a bottomless well of love.
You see an obstacle,
Keeping you at bay.
A large, neon sign that warns you to stay away.
You see a complication that you aren't ready for...
I see happiness--
An abundance of curiosity--
A bundle, now on the move,
Learning quickly, growing steadily.
You see a reason not to commit,
And I see the only reason I have left...
... That one, final obstacle
Between myself
And death.

– Amora N.

A female with blonde wavy hair and golden skin lounges on a mattress adorned with a fuzzy comforter and throw pillows. the room is dark, and she has string lights ranging from yellow to pale pink wrapped around her neck, torso, and legs. The lights are on, illuminating her in the darkness.
Photo credit: Andrew Dong via Unsplash

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