The Earthbound Court of Iuppiter

Since their awakening, this Court had made a point to protect it’s neighboring human colony. Over time, the Elders decided the Court was a priority, and left the colonies unprotected. They were decimated by bandits within a year.

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Current Leadership

Montague “Monty” Alagona II, Prince of Iuppiter (since December 2140)

Antonio “Tony” Alagona, Royal Advisor to the Prince of Iuppiter (since December 2141)

Alexandria “Alexa” Montgomery, Psychic of the court of Iuppiter (since December 2128)

Christopher “Chris” Montgomery, Teleporter to the Prince of Iuppiter (since December 2131)

Council of Princes Past

Francesco “Frankie” Alagona (December 2135-December 2140)

Salvatore “Sal” Alagona (December 2130-December 2135)

💁🏽 These are the members who most recently held the rank of prince. These members are separate from the Council of Elders in that they lead training sessions and scouting missions. They’re basically extra advisors with leadership experience, but without the added years. A prince’s reign originally came to an end after a decade, but when Cameron had to stay on for an extra couple of years until Sal was old enough to rule, the rule was changed to five years per prince. Each past prince becomes an elder when they reach fifty years of age.

Council of Elders

Cameron Montgomery, Prince (December 2118-December 2130) – impeached

Christian “Chris Sr.” Montgomery, Teleporter & Prince (December 2108-December 2118)

Desideria “Desi” Alagona, Psychic (December 2095-December 2128)

Alessandro “Aldo” Palladino

Remiel “Remi” Hall

Matteo Alagona, Prince (December 2098-December 2108)

Carter Montgomery, Prince (December 2088-December 2098)

Lorenzo “Enzo” Alagona, Prince (December 2078-December 2088)

💁🏽 The more seasoned veterans; these members are 50+ in age and most have held a rank in leadership. Members like Aldo and Remi are included because of their age and expertise–they don’t have as much pull as the other members, but they are more influential among the youth.

Previous Leaders

Wyatt Montgomery, Prince (December 2068-December 2078) – deceased

Montague Alagona, Sr., Prince (December 2058-December 2068) – deceased

Andrew Montgomery, Prince (December 2048-December 2058) – deceased

Damian Montgomery, true Prince (December 2036-December 2048) – deceased

💁🏽 Prince Damian was the first prince of Iuppiter to be recognized as Prince Thórir’s reincarnation since the Great Spirit War. No one knows why King Áki will only recognize his youngest son as the earthbound court’s leader, especially when both Herleifr and Magni have already held rank during the latest generation. The Council of Elders have theorized that it may have something to do with Prince Thórir having history with the lost duo, but they won’t know for sure until he’s recognized again.


Samuel “Sam” Palladino

Cienna “Cici” Hall

Ricardo “Ricky” Palladino

Natalie “Nat” Hall

Connor Montgomery

Cassidy “Cassie” Montgomery

Cooper Montgomery

Gordon Hall

Vincenzo “Vince” Serpico

💁🏽 This is the most current list of leaders, elders, and members as of April 2141, when the first installment of the Saturn Rising trilogy ends.

The Earthbound court from the Kingdom of Iuppiter is said to be the most powerful of all the exiled spirit groups. Having the most members with abilities, as well as a Council of Elders consisting of past Princes, this court is meant to lead the other courts–as well as the Enki Coven–in the search to find the lost priest. The only group who could aid them in this endeavor is the Chandra Coven, who cannot be located without the true chief of the Semes Tribe.

While it is almost always allied with the covens and other courts, the Iuppiter Court has surprised many in the past by obtaining an alliance with the Martians and Poseideans. Its longest-standing enemy, without fail, has been the Semes Tribe. The animosity between these two groups goes beyond the strife between angels and demons; should either of these groups recognize their true leaders and recall their past or even first life, there will be bloodshed.

Much like its brother court, the Jovians tend to have more male members than female members, if any at all. With that being said, this generation has the most female members in this group’s Earthbound history. It has never had a princess to rule it; the true leader has always been a prince.

This is the second group to walk the Earth following the plague of the twenty-first century–the Ninurta Court had them beat by a mere twelve minutes. Since their awakening, this court had made a point to protect its neighboring human colony. Over time, the elders decided the court was a priority, and left the colonies unprotected. They were decimated by bandits within a year. Unable to live with the knowledge that they could have saved their neighbors, Prince Lorenzo ordered his court to seek out as many humans as possible, have them inhabit the adjacent town, and the Council of Princes Past would guard them.

While Monty’s uncle had decreed they would protect the growing colony, the court kept to themselves. They did not seek out other groups, and they did not search for the lost priest. Have the council lost faith in their sole reason for being?

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