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Happy Birthday Cross!

Cross spent most of his childhood stealing supplies from the colonies they passed through, as his father was often too drunk to hunt. He always seemed to forget to barter for clothes for his growing child, which was yet another reason for the youth to become a thief. As he got older, he began stealing less for necessity and more out of greed, taking weapons and supplies from unsuspecting colonists.

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Happy Birthday Nail!

As their superior and the soul mate of their chief, Nail became a mother figure to members of Wave Three. This was already the case with Shade, her younger cousin whose mother was killed on a scouting run. She's abrasive and boasts "tough love," but in reality she's the first to notice when something is off with her "children"--AKA, her actual son and the Wave Three demons.

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Happy Birthday Raine!

As they grew older, Keke took the initiative in helping their parents with her sister, which forced her to grow up sooner while Raine had a relatively normal upbringing. She learned to put the tragedy of her older brother, who she could barely remember, behind her and develop emotionally through her experiences with peers.

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Happy Birthday Rin!

As another of the elemental sorcerers of the Zulwini Tribe, Rina can manipulate plants and earth to an extent. They can move existing earth and flora, and they can will certain species of plants to grow. They have kept a few potted vegetables--and Gray's special "herbs"--alive on the camper since their recruitment. They are especially skilled at summoning vines and thorns.

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Happy Birthday Gray!

This nonbinary demon spends their free time messing with Gwen, challenging Rin to games, and snuggling with Emily. They fell in love with her almost instantly, though they refused to admit it--even after the pair had bonded. It took Emily's sweet nature and endless patience to pull Gray out of their shell. Their primary love language is physical touch, with words of affirmation and quality time tied for second.

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