The Earthbound Court of Ninurta

Current Leadership

Giovanni Sharpe, true Prince of Ninurta (since January 2141)

Albert Scott, Royal Advisor to the Prince of Ninurta (since January 2135)

Jeremy Sharpe, Psychic of the court of Ninurta (since June 2133)

Bruno Reyes, Teleporter to the Prince of Ninurta (since February 2141)

Council of Elders

Ethan Bishop (April 2127-January 2136)

Liam McCoy (January 2136-January 2139)

Owen McMahon (January 2139-December 2140)

💁🏽 The Council of Elders is meant to be a group of the most highly ranked soldiers in the royal army of the King of Ninurta; however, since this is a court consisting of spirits whose lives have been bound to Earth and their mission, this group actually represents the prince’s Council of Elders, whom are currently spirits who led the court before Giovanni.

Previous Leaders

Albert Scott, Prince (temporarily; December 2140-January 2141)

James Hansen, Royal Advisor (January 2130-December 2135)

Mason McCoy, Prince (September 2116-April 2127) – deceased

Levi Day, Prince (December 2106-September 2116) – deceased

Gabriel Ruiz, Royal Advisor & Prince (June 2095-April 2097 & April 2097-December 2106, respectively) – deceased

Jarrod King, true Prince (January 2095-April 2097) – deceased

💁🏽 In some cases where the sitting prince is deemed no longer fit to lead the court, whether due to sickness, impeachment, or their untimely death, the angel who led the court as their royal advisor will be granted the temporary position of prince (example: Albert took over as prince following Owen’s impeachment, and stepped down after Giovanni’s recognition as the true prince). More often than not, the royal advisor who takes on the temporary position of prince is elected to lead full-time (example: after the court was ambushed by demons following Jarrod’s assassination, the few remaining angels elected Gabriel, the temporary prince, to lead them for nine more years).

Current Members

Elijah Burch

Michael Flynn

Wesley Craft

Harrison Reid

Alexander Clay

Carson York

Hunter Dorsey

Trent Williams

Joshua Turner

Zachary Turner

Justin Bailey

💁🏽 This is the most current list of leaders, elders, and members as of April 2141, when the first installment of the Saturn Rising trilogy ends.

The Earthbound court hailing from the Kingdom of Ninurta, known by humans as the planet Saturn. Ninurta is one of only three kingdoms in the solar system. Having spent all of eternity with its ruling planet nestled between those of the Iuppiter Kingdom and the Zulwini Nation, the Cronians have always gone above and beyond to bridge the gap between angels and demons. Since the residents of kingdoms are only angels, and those of nations demons, this would eventually cause some strife between the Cronians and their stubborn Jovian neighbors. This lack of trust with some angels proved to only strengthen the bond between the Cronians and the outer nations.

The Earthbound Cronians are also the only group to consist solely of male-identifying spirits. Likewise, the Caelians are the only Earthbound group to consist only of spirits that do not identify as male. Their alliances throughout their lifetimes on Earth have brought more scrutiny upon them as questions went unanswered.

While the Cronian-Caelian alliance remains the longest standing in Earthbound spirit history, two out of the three remaining Earthbound courts, Iuppiter and Zeroua, are almost always allied with this group. Another common, yet unorthodox alliance, came when the Hermeans went out of their way on several occasions to meet with the Cronians. However, this is not so in the lifetime that The Chronicles of Life & Death is set; the Enki Coven has been kept hidden, as have most of the spirit groups.

Since the second massive human war–the one that led to a war among spirits the likes of which had never been recorded–these spirits are the first to walk the Earth again. They are meant to be its only defense from post-apocalyptic ravagers–and from each other.

With that, the Cronians are trying desperately to reclaim their alliances and keep the peace as they had in their previous lives. With their true prince recognized, the Cronians are now one of only two groups to have found their true leader.

… Or so it would seem.

Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

Photo of the sky, orange mixing with blue and casting shadows on the clouds as it either rises or sets, which one is unclear. Over the image are the words, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further down are the icons for Twitter and Reddit next to the username "nattypenn," and under that is the Instagram logo with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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