Happy Birthday Zach!

And now for the youngest of the Cronians, Zachary Turner!

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 16
Height: 5’10 | Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: short, sandy blond | Eyes: stone blue
Human Race: Scottish-American | Species: Angel
Hailing Planet: Ninurta
Ability: superhuman reflexes
Rank: none
Specialties: attention to detail, hand-to-hand combat, focused, responsive
Roommate: Joshua Turner, Justin Bailey
Best friend: Alexander Clay, Joshua Turner, Justin Bailey
Mentor: Owen McMahon
Soul mate: to be revealed in a later installment 😉

Three facts about Zach:

  1. Zach is a parkour master. He enjoys the thrill of heights and precarious places.
  2. He’s very skilled with knives and has an extensive collection of them. He plays with them when he’s bored.
  3. Zach has excelled at self-defense and combat, but he’s stuck in psychic training. His thoughts are still easily heard.

My thoughts on Zach:

Zach is one of the younger members who’s been spending a lot of time in the neighboring colonies. He’s grown attached to the Moond family, a family of tailors and traders–particularly their daughter, Jasveen. Meanwhile, his brother has been getting closer to Sameera Sijapati, the daughter of Spring Valley’s laundry attendants. There isn’t a young courtsman who hasn’t developed feelings for a human female in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas… Except Gio, who’s been focused on leading his court.

Spirits like Zach and Harry–with superhuman traits–are weak against psychic attacks and tend to do poorly in psychic training. Spirits who are physically advanced tend to be easy targets for telepaths.

For those of you who don’t know, Zach is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Photo by Grgur Vučkov on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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