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The Earthbound Tribe of Zulwini

After negative altercations and experiences with the Jupiterial Court and Solar Tribe, who seemed to be forever conflicted with one another, the Uranian Tribe sought out the Martian Tribe in Japan. The Martians discouraged contact with the outside world, and so were furious when their Matriarch agreed to meet with Sabrina.

The Earthbound Court of Ninurta

Saturn is one of only three Kingdoms in the solar system. Having spent all of eternity with its ruling planet nestled between those of the Jupiterial Kingdom and the Uranian Nation, the Saturnians have always gone above and beyond to bridge the gap between Angels and Demons.

Who’s Who: Cari of the de Ardo Coven

Cari’s favorite plush toy (so far) is a limited edition black and gray wolf with icy blue eyes–Axel stole it from a Shop-A-Lot store. He claimed that he had only done this as an “F-U” to large corporations and not because he had seen Cari admiring the plush. He gave it to her a week later, on her sixth birthday.