The Earthbound Tribe of Zulwini


Sabryna Blair, true Chieftess of Zulwini (since August 2139)

Ravyn Wise, Matron to the Chieftess of Zulwini (since August 2139)

Starr Long, Psychic of Zulwini (since October 2139)

Summer Wolfe & Winter Wolfe, Psychics of Zulwini (since April 2141)

Pixie Vaughn, Teleporter to the Chieftess of Zulwini (since September 2139)

Notable Members

Markeisha Porter (since August 2139)

Gwendolyn Reed (since November 2139)

💁🏽 These are members of the tribe who go above and beyond the call of duty. Gwendolyn takes on more lookout and driving shifts than anyone else in the tribe, second only to Sabryna herself. Markeisha is Sabryna’s unofficial co-matron, and she claims to refuse the position for fear of offending Ravyn, despite being told otherwise.

Defenders of the Chieftess of Zulwini

Raine Porter, Warrior of Water (since August 2139)

Holly Burns, Warrior of Air (since October 2139)

Heather Burns, Warrior of Fire (since October 2139)

Zarina Attar, Warrior of Earth (since December 2139)

Gray Osborne, Warrior of Darkness (since November 2139)

💁🏽 These members are the only members of the tribe of Zulwini, save for Sabryna, Starr and Pixie, who have abilities. Their powers involve sorcery.

Remaining Members

Emily Todd

Amira Cruz

💁🏽 These are members who do not have abilities.

The Earthbound tribe hailing from the Nation of Zulwini, known by humans as the planet Uranus. As one of the four great nations of the heavens, the Caelians had no problem creating an alliance with the Nations of Havet and Nýchta. When the High Priestess of the Grand Coven of Chandra became allied with all but the Plutonians, the Caelians took it upon themselves to become allies with the Phebeans and Martians as well. Then they called upon their Cronian neighbors and created the first ever alliance between a nation and kingdom.

The Neptunians were the first to be skeptical of this–but it was not long before they were too allied with the Cronians. The Cronians’ sister kingdom, the Cythereans, did not warm up to the Zulwini Nation until after they had become allies with the nation of Havet and Empire of Huǒxīng. Inexplicably, the Caelians and Phebeans became very close, much to the dismay of the Plutonians.

Having loved to travel across the stars, the Zulwini Tribe on Earth maintained their nomadic roots. Once their true chieftess would awaken, the tribe would make their way around the Earth, normally by vehicle or plane. After the apocalypse, traveling by air was no longer a possibility.

As the sixth group to walk the Earth since disaster struck the planet, the Caelians are spiritually younger than the other groups they’ve come across. This means that this generation has less experience battling other spirits. This was an obstacle the ladies swiftly overcame in their travels through Japan.

After negative altercations and experiences with the Iuppiter Court and Semes Tribe, who seemed to be forever conflicted with one another, the Zulwini Tribe sought out the Huǒxīng Imperial Court in Japan. The Martians discouraged contact with the outside world, and so were furious when their imperial princess agreed to meet with Sabryna.

In an effort to travel the route shown to her by Xolani, the consort and soulmate to the Head Chieftess of Zulwini, Sabryna had planned to continue heading south after meeting the true prince of the Ninurta Court. If she can successfully secure an alliance with him, Chieftess Sabryna will continue to lead her tribe to Brazil, where she suspects the Coven of Enki is hiding from the rest of the world.

If she only knew what awaited her arrival.

Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

Smoke tinted by a fluorescent rainbow flows from the bottom-left of the photo to the top-right, the only color against a black backdrop. Overlaid are the words, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further down are neon-esque icons of Twitter and Reddit next to the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the logo for instagram in the same style with the username "nattypennwastaken."
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