Happy Birthday, Summer & Winter!

Today is a day of firsts: it’s the first day we’ll be celebrating the birth of someone who isn’t in the Ninurta Court, of someone who isn’t an angel, and of more than one person! Without any further ado, meet Summer & Winter Wolfe, the psychic twins from Zulwini.

Basic Info:

Age in Aquarius: 25
Height: 5’5 | Weight: S-115 lbs. / W-130 lbs.
Hair: pin-straight eggshell white; S-halfway down back / W-shoulder-length
Eyes: lemonade pink with orchid spots
Human Race: Scottish | Species: Demons
Hailing Planet: Zulwini (Uranus)
Ability: telepathy (S-retrocognition/W-precognition)
Rank: Psychic
Specialties: adaptable, dependable, adept at eavesdropping telepathically, can extend their presence across great distances; S-skeptical, persuasive, blunt / W-positive, understanding, tactful
Best friends: Zarina Attar, each other; S-Heather Burns, Amira Cruz, & Emily Todd / W-Holly Burns & Gwendolyn Reed
Soul mate: S-none, W-to be revealed in a later series (not Saturn Rising)

Three facts about Summer & Winter:

  1. The twins were born in the Aberdeen Colony of Scotland; the colony has since been abandoned after multiple raids. They were raised as nomads.
  2. While Summer is more outgoing than her reserved sister, she surprised her tribe when she came out as ace. Winter has never felt like labeling her sexuality.
  3. Winter loves reading and listening to music; Summer journals about her odd dreams and collects old movies.

My thoughts on Summer & Winter:

After the past couple weeks of explaining how I had absolutely no plan for my minor Cronian characters, you’d be surprised to find that that wasn’t the case for my Caelians… Well, sort of.

Originally, this series was meant to start from the perspective of a leader for a group that won’t come until much later, and it would involve their acclimation to being both a spirit and a leader in one fell swoop, all while trying to ride the daily drama that came with their colonial high school and work with the other leaders to uncover the mystery of the lost duo. In that early draft of this series, I had only created a handful of the Cronians (as I explained back in Eli’s bio) and the Caelians were nothing more than an idea. Once I buckled down and researched names for each group, though, I found I could see the faces and personalities of the Caelians far more easily than with the other new groups. Their backgrounds have all been consistent, and the Wolfe twins are no exception.

Winter and Summer Wolfe were born to a small family in Aberdeen, Scotland. The colony had been far more secure in the years prior to their conception, but by the time the twins had arrived the threat of bandits was far too great. Their parents and the other colonists abandoned the city and became nomads, dividing into three separate groups and traveling down their own paths. The Wolfe family followed their neighbors who were heading to London in hopes that the rumors of a strong colony were true. Unfortunately for them, they were not, so the nomads spent the next eighteen months gathering supplies before they salvaged a boat and sailed from Dover to Sangatte. There they began their long trek on foot to Paris, which would take them two weeks.

The Paris Colony was massive and would have been a wonderful option, but they were already overflowing with residents and could not offer the nomads any shelter within their walls. They did inform them of strongholds in Germany that were potentially not at capacity, and after a couple days of rest and some food donated by the colony, they set out again.

The nomads arrived in Stuttgart after another three weeks only to find the supposed stronghold overrun by bandits. They barely escaped with their lives as they continued north to first Frankfurt, then Essen, Amsterdam, Hanover, Hamburg, Poznań, Vilnius, Minsk, and so, so many others. They had gone to every major European colony in hopes of seeking asylum, only to be turned away upon arrival due to low capacity or a food shortage. By the time the nomads returned to Germany and settled down in Munich, the twins were nearly five years old.

Though they had claimed the abandoned city as their own, the former group from Aberdeen did not forego their nomadic ways. They considered Munich more of their base, their place to store nonperishables and start a farm. While the majority of the colony would travel to hunt and gather supplies, a handful would stay behind to watch over the livestock and crops before switching places with the hunters after a month. Those that traveled met more rejected nomads along the way and offered them asylum, and the Munich Colony grew over the years. A school was eventually put in place, and the Wolfes tried to enroll their daughters so that they could engage socially with others their age instead of traveling with their parents. They received word after two weeks that their daughters had gotten into fights with the other students–especially Summer, who was prone to biting. This forced their mother and father to attempt to homeschool the twins when they were not hunting or going on scouting runs.

When the girls were around sixteen, Summer requested that they be reenrolled in the colonial school. While hesitant, Winter agreed to go along in order to keep her younger twin out of trouble. They spent the next six years within the boundaries of the colony, adjusting to others as well as their new interests. Winter found colonial life agreeable, while Summer became increasingly restless, eager to resume their travels. Sometime after their twenty-second birthday, the twins agreed to head out on their own.

After a year of traveling to the various other European colonies, the twins found themselves in Paris, where they met Zarina. The trio became friends almost instantly, and Zarina bid their parents goodbye so as to join the twins. They spent the next few months escorting travelers in exchange for supplies, fighting off bandits, and passing news along to different colonies until they met the Zulwini Tribe in Stuttgart and were all recruited.

While most psychics discover their telepathy within the first few weeks of their awakening and their special abilities in the years to come, Summer and Winter joined the tribe while Starr Long was acting as psychic, stifling their individual recognitions. This led to each girl experiencing their special abilities first, though under the guise of dreams. Winter has precognition, or the ability to see visions of events that have yet to occur; contrariwise, Summer has retrocognition, which means her visions are of events that have already happened. Summer’s special ability may seem unnecessary–after all, what good would knowing about the past do?–but TCoLD is all about uncovering the mystery of the lost duo, and you can’t do that without knowing what occurred between them… Which makes Taurus that much harder to write. (Sorry in advance.)

Personality-wise, both sisters are fairly quiet when they have yet to get to know the people around them, which gives them the chance to be observant. With time, Summer is definitely more outspoken and brash, while Winter maintains her composure and sense of responsibility. They’re exceptionally close, sharing every thought, especially now that they have their telepathy. Even so, they do encourage one another to seek companionship outside of their tiny bubble. Both ladies trust Zarina, as they proved themselves to the twins during their travels; Summer sees Amira as fun and expressive, and Heather as her B.F.F.F.E. (Best Friend For-Fuckin’-Ever.) Winter enjoys her solitude, but prefers Holly’s company over the rest of the tribe. She thinks Gwen is amusing and that Gray can be a tad mean, but that the latter hides their true emotions behind dry humor and disinterest. Both twins are amused to see how their tribe’s alliance with the Cronians will go, as Winter has not mastered her visions and cannot foresee the outcome.

For those of you who don’t know, Summer and Winter are supporting characters in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

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