February Fun | Schedule + The Return of A Series!

I have been looking forward to a comeback like this since I started prepping all of my content in September. For clarification, it is now November 13th at the time I am writing this post, so forgive me if I refer to any content in a weird tense. I’ve never been this far ahead before, and I am teeming with confidence and satisfaction the likes of which I’ve never known. I should work like this more often!

However, it isn’t November at the time you’re reading this, but the end of January, so just ignore all of that. 😅

Without further ado, let’s reveal the schedule for February 2022:

Content Schedule for February 2022 | Graphic made at Canva

Let’s start with the newest addition to the roster: Monty’s Memories is returning next month! That’s right, we’ll see four new entries for the prequel series to Lizzie’s Diary, but the finale will have to wait. You’ll understand why as Lizzie’s story reaches it’s climax.

With that being said, Lizzie’s Diary and Weird: Book of Secrets will return after their month-long hiatus! So will the Weird character biographies. The birthday bios, which were never paused, have already been completed for the month of February–all except Amira’s, who I decided to add as a bonus instead of making you guys wait until the next leap year. I’ll list them below if you’d like to check out their bios on their birthdays.

Birthday Bios

You can read more about the Cronians here, and the Caelians here–and if you’d like more insight on the world of The Chronicles of Life & Death in general, you can read this handy guide.

If you need to catch up on a series, look no further!

Monty’s Memories

Lizzie’s Diary

Weird: Book of Secrets

Don’t forget to leave likes on the posts you enjoy and comments letting me know what you think! Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. In the meantime, I hope you look forward to the new content! I put my all into it, and I can’t wait for you to see how it all pans out. Oh, and don’t worry–The Arcane Citizen will be up and running in March.

I’m gonna go relax for a bit–I’ll continue working on March’s content tomorrow. Stay safe, readers!

Natty P. 💙

UPDATE: Hi! It’s the middle of January as I’m tacking on this update, and I just wanted to clarify something that may be confusing: the Weird character biographies are meant to correspond with the story–in other words, with the chapters of Weird: Book of Secrets that go up every Monday. Articles posted on The Arcane Citizen, on the other hand, are set in real time and are meant to tease lore, ships, and the direction of the story. When TAC articles resume in March, you’ll notice not only a difference in the content, but a disconnect with the story that is still being told. That’s because the seniors of TAC–Fiona, Melusine, Arion, Feliks, and guest poster Mortimer–have graduated by then, chronologically speaking. The new TAC roster will be updated before they officially retire, though, and you’ll recognize the names.

So, just to clarify: the weekly Weird character biographies correspond with the story, not the lore website. The Arcane Citizen is a lore website meant to tease lore, ships, and future developments in the story. Weird: Book of Secrets canonically takes place in the year 2021, and the character biographies follow suit. The Arcane Citizen is updated in real time.

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  1. […] On the other hand, Weird: Book of Secrets takes place in the modern era. It’d be different if I had set it in the past or in the future, but making it modern means that the website has to stay modern as well. This leads to a conflict: in order to continue both the blog series and the website, I have to take them in different directions. Both are canon and align with the same story–the only difference is that TAC will take place in the present, while Weird is stuck in 2021 until the eventual time skips (there will be a few). That also means the Journalism Club as you know it has to change, as its senior members will graduate. Read more about this change here. […]


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