March Schedule! (Better late than never, right?)

Hiya, nerds!

… Okay, let’s try that again:

Hi! Been a while since I’ve written one of these. All my previous schedule announcements since my return were made well in advance, but this announcement isn’t one of them. Between getting sick, working on commissions, planning out the final stretch for Lizzie’s Diary, and rearranging some things for the next few months, I’ve been a bit busy… But I’m here now and I have March’s schedule ready for your consumption!

Please note that everything written at the top of the weekday boxes goes up on Sisters of the Shadows, and everything on the bottom will go up on The Arcane Citizen. However, this month’s articles for TAC will only hit the site at the end of the month.

March’s Schedule | Graphic made at Canva


  • New chapters of Weird: Book of Secrets (SotS)
  • New article for School News with Aspen (TAC – 03/28/2022 only)
  • Emily & Risk’s birthdays [from TCoLD] (03/7/2022 & 03/14/2022, respectively)


  • New article for Health Tips with Melusine (TAC – 03/29/2022 only)
  • Gag & Attack’s birthdays [from TCoLD] (03/15/2022 & 03/22/2022, respectively)


  • New Weird character biographies (SotS)
  • New article for Sports Highlight with Feliks (TAC – 03/30/2022 only)
  • Nail, Bash [from TCoLD] & Sage’s [from Weird] birthdays (03/16/2022 & 03/23/2022, respectively)


  • New article for Rumor Has It… by Arion (TAC – 03/31/2022 only)
  • Gwen, Cross & Shade’s birthdays [from TCoLD] (03/10/2022 & 03/17/2022, respectively)


  • No new entries or articles
  • Dream & Whisper’s birthdays [from TCoLD] (03/18/2022 & 03/25/2022, respectively)


  • New entries for Scarlett Moon (SotS)
  • Melusine [from Weird] & Kill’s [from TCoLD] birthdays (03/12/2022 & 03/26/2022, respectively)


  • New entries for Lizzie’s Diary (SotS)
  • New Tarot Reading by Mortimer (TAC – 03/27/2022 only)

The good news: I not only have the rest of Lizzie’s Diary (and Monty’s Memories, for that matter) planned out, but I’m ahead on the entries for that series and in the process of writing it to completion. I had planned for Lizzie’s story to end in July, but it’s looking like it’ll carry on well into August. Also, I have a better idea of how I want to execute Weird–I just need to organize my thoughts better.

The bad news: there are no new birthday bios this month, and Scarlett Moon is only back for March. It’s returning to the backburner while I figure out the direction I want to take it in.

The ugly news: those TAC articles that won’t go up until the end of the month? Yeah, that’s going to be the last time you’ll hear from some of those characters. 😔

See, there’s a reason my main series (TCoLD and its many sub-series) takes place in the future. No matter how long a break I take, I never have to worry about my characters growing older. Their story is set over a century in the future–I have time to kill.

On the other hand, Weird: Book of Secrets takes place in the modern era. It’d be different if I had set it in the past or in the future, but making it modern means that the website has to stay modern as well. This leads to a conflict: in order to continue both the blog series and the website, I have to take them in different directions. Both are canon and align with the same story–the only difference is that TAC will take place in the present, while Weird is stuck in 2021 until the eventual time skips (there will be a few). That also means the Journalism Club as you know it has to change, as its senior members will graduate. Read more about this change here.

I’m not going to reveal the new journalism roster yet–I’ll let the characters introduce their replacements in their final articles, the ones going up before April.

April and May are slated to have more regular content: a new TAC article every day (with two new segments), new chapters for Weird and Lizzie’s Diary, and the introduction of a new series! (More on that at a later date.) Are you stoked for all the fiction headed your way?

Please enjoy this month’s content, and stay safe.

Natty P. 💙

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