The Earthbound Court of Zeroua


Alice Valentine, Princess of Zeroua – “Venus” (since May 2134)

Scarlett Moon, Royal Advisor to the Princess of Zeroua – “Bellona” (since February 2136)

Ginnifer Valentine, Psychic of Zeroua – “Veritas” (since May 2134)

Wellington Sanchez, Teleporter to the Princess of Zeroua – “Mercury” (since October 2134)

Knights of Cytherea

Eric McKnight, former Royal Advisor – “Apollo” (since August 2134)

Aria McKnight – “Terpsichore” (since August 2134)

Noah Callahan – “Asclepius” (since February 2136)

Chloe Larsen – “Diana” (since July 2137)

💁🏽 The Knights of Cytherea are the angels with known abilities outside of the Cytherean leadership. You may have noticed that Cytherea is not the name of the kingdom, while Cythereans describe the race of people from the kingdom of Zeroua. It is not a misnomer; the true princess of the court of Zeroua, Princesse Cytherea, handpicked members of her court to protect her Earthbound subjects in her absence. Princess Alice has agreed to join the knights when their true princess is recognized.

Current Members

Adam Holden

Caleb Ewing

Kaylee Emerson

Julian Sanchez

Isaac Callahan

Aiden Finch

Zoey Finch

As this court hails from the only female-led kingdom in the solar system, it is only natural that it’s Earthbound members would be led by a princess. The Kingdom of Zeroua was more hesitant to create alliances with tribes than the other kingdoms, but in time, Queen Argine met with Emperor Wenjun and High Chieftess Nomusa to show her kingdom’s progress.

With more difficulty came the alliance between the emotive Cythereans and the apathetic Poseideans; even after, tensions did not lessen until Princesse Cytherea announced her courtship to Chief Fintan of Havet. The ceremony of soulmates, however, was interrupted by the battle between their childhood friends, Priestess Arta and Chief Kisecawchuck.

In true angel solidarity, the court of Zeroua is almost always allied with the Cronians and Jovians. Should they branch out to groups consisting of demons, then these cautious empaths are normally allied with Caelians, Poseideans, Martians, and Hermeans.

Rogue Spirits are uncommon among the courts, but the Cythereans hold the record for never losing a single spirit in the history of the Earthbound groups.

Though it is suspected that the Ninurta Court and Zulwini Tribe are not the only groups with their true leaders recognized, the Cythereans have yet to locate theirs. Having felt the recognition of two leaders now, Princess Alice will have no choice but to do what is best for her court–even if she is not the leader they require for their mission.

Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

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