Who’s Who: Alice, Leader of the Cythereans

Name: Alice Valentine

Age: 23

Height: 5’9

Date of Birth: 4/20/2118

Weight: 130 lb

Hair: thick, wavy dirty blonde

Eyes: cerulean blue

Complexion: tawny yellow with pale freckles and cool rose undertones

Rulership: The Royal Kingdom of Zeroua


Angel 🗸Demon

True Race: Cytherean

Human Race: German-American


Royal 🗸



Leader 🗸LieutenantPsychic

Soul: dandelion yellow orb, feathery bubblegum wings, bubblegum crown

Ability: Pathokinesis, intuitive empathy, calming aura

Character art by Nadia Syahda (Twitter / Instagram)


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