Who’s Who: Alice, Leader of the Cythereans

Alice, sitting Princess of the Zeroua Court


Name: Alice Valentine

Age: 23

Height: 5’9

Date of Birth: 5/20/2118

Weight: 130 lb

Hair: thick, wavy dirty blonde

Eyes: cerulean blue

Complexion: tawny yellow with pale freckles and cool rose undertones

Rulership: The Royal Kingdom of Zeroua


Angel 🗸Demon

True Race: Cytherean

Human Race: German-American


Royal 🗸



Leader 🗸LieutenantPsychic

Soul: dandelion yellow orb, feathery bubblegum wings, bubblegum crown

Ability: Pathokinesis, intuitive empathy, calming aura

Character art by Nadia Syahda (Twitter / Instagram)


Art by Nadia Syada–show her some love!

Pink, gold, and white lights in the shape of hearts shine brightly, forcing the background out of focus. They're strewn about unevenly, overlapping against the golden backdrop. The overlaying text reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Further down are the logos for Twitter and Reddit with the username "nattypenn," and under that is the logo for Instagram with the username "nattypennwastaken."

3 comments on “Who’s Who: Alice, Leader of the Cythereans”

    1. It also lays out all the details needed for the reader’s imagination–or an artist to do commission sketches/fan art 😉


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