Happy Birthday Kaylee!

So few birthdays to celebrate in June, but here’s a character we’ll all love: Kaylee Emerson!

CW/TW: child abuse, physical abuse, neglect, psychological trauma, PTSD

Basic Info:

Age in Taurus: 22
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: golden blonde, shoulder-length, wavy | Eyes: spice brown
Human Race: British-American | Species: Angel
Hailing Planet: Zeroua
Ability: none
Rank: none
Specialties: empathy, compassion, honest, loyal, stealthy
Roommate: Aria McKnight
Best friend: Aria McKnight, Isaac Callahan, Caleb Ewing
Mentor: none
Soul mate: Aria McKnight

Three facts about Kaylee:

  1. Kaylee was raised in an unstable household; she was punished whenever she spoke or made noise, so eventually she stopped speaking. Her selective mutism persists to this day.
  2. The only people she has spoken to are Aria, Caleb, and Isaac, and only in rare private occasions. She uses ASL when communicating with the rest of the court.
  3. On a typical day, Kaylee can be found sketching her fellow angels while listening to Aria play music. Her favorite is when her mate plays the piano.

My thoughts on Kaylee:

Most of the Zeroua Court were developed at first–remember, this was meant to be one of three arcs in a longer book, not it’s own story. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work on Taurus, though, as it’s given me new insights on all the characters I’m bringing to life.

Kaylee was raised in the Jackson colony, as were most of the court. The Jackson Colony is actually made up of several towns along the 191 and the 390; Kaylee’s home was situated in a smaller community in South Park, Wyoming. Her mother was neglectful and her father was abusive toward both of them. She was beaten whenever she made a peep, so she eventually stopped speaking in order to minimize her abuse. Kaylee also learned how to move around quietly, and she learned to spot hiding places where she could wait out her father’s rage. Scouts from local towns within the colony eventually caught wind of the abusive situation, chastised the neighbors for their silence, and took Kaylee from her parents. She was taken in by a larger family elsewhere in the colony, and she was expected to share a room with three other little girls. She never spoke to any of them, and whenever someone became angry Kaylee would run to the nearest hiding spot.

Kaylee was moved to six different homes over the next decade before she finally settled onto a farm with the warm and welcoming embrace of an elderly couple. The were patient with her, coaxed her out of her shell and cared for her as if she were their own daughter. Over time, the teenager even began speaking to them, though she still remained quiet whenever scouts came around to trade food for goods. Shortly before her nineteenth birthday, Kaylee met Aria.

The angel had arrived with her brother to obtain food and some seeds. They saw the potential in the quiet girl’s soul and brought Alice to the farm the next day. Once Kaylee was recruited to their cause, she bid her parents goodbye and left with the other angels. She and Aria underwent the soul mate bond shortly after, and have been together since.

For those of you who don’t know, Kaylee is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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