Happy Birthday Aria!

Today’s birthday bio focuses on an angel that I’ve been eager to write about since she was first conceptualized. Aria is talented, intelligent, and has all the makings of a great leader–and a good friend.

Basic Info:

Age in Taurus: 26
Height: 5’9 | Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: chocolate brown, shoulder-length, straight | Eyes: hazel green
Human Race: British-American | Species: Angel
Hailing Planet: Zeroua
Ability: symphokinesis
Rank: none
Specialties: level-headed, talented musician/singer, hyper-focuses
Best friend: Kaylee Emerson, Alice Valentine, Ginnifer Valentine
Mentor: none
Soul mate: Kaylee Emerson

Three facts about Aria:

  1. As of the beginning of Taurus, Aria can play the piano, guitar, harp, violin, and flute. She’s teaching herself to play the cello and accordion.
  2. Thanks to musical members like Aria, Eric, Wells, and Julian, music can always be heard from the Cytherean home. The McKnight siblings host a concert once a month in their colony.
  3. Aria cites the day she first took an interest in music as the third most important day of her life. The second was her awakening, and the first was when she met Kaylee.

My thoughts on Aria:

The big sister that everyone wants. Sweet, kind-hearted, positive, open-minded, talented, intelligent, and beautiful. Her only downfall is that she can be a bit spacey–otherwise, she always has her friends’ backs.

Even though she and Alice are close, Aria could not bring herself to advise the princess against dating her brother. How could she? After all, the two made a great pair. Eric provided the music, Alice sang her heart out, and Aria played along, grateful that two of her oldest, closest friends found their happiness in each other. Then Eric found true happiness in a human from their colony, and he broke Alice’s heart. That’s where Taurus picks up–with a heartbroken Alice, a torn court, and new possibilities on the horizon.

Despite her sheltered upbringing, Aria bears no ill will toward demons. She’s a pacifist by nature; she sees no point in fighting and bloodshed when a conversation could be had. Her ability is very refined–she can influence the emotions of a small group of people by just playing a single note. Aria has stunned many bandits using this method, and placated the colony’s elders whenever times were tough.

For those of you who don’t know, Aria is a supporting character in my trilogy Saturn Rising, which is the first installment of The Chronicles of Life & Death. The first book, Aquarius, is available now on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. You can even read it all for free with Kindle Unlimited! Learn more here.

Photo by matthew reyes on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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