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Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter XIV [part ii]

Chasing The Unknown Beneath The Full Moon

Who’s Who: Cyril of the Birmingham Pack

He plays snare drum on the school marching band; he’s ranked second, behind Aslan Theron, the only male werelion in attendance. Cyril sees the senior as his mentor, and learns all he can from watching him.

Who’s Who: Elle of the Salem Pack

Elle has taken a mild interest in writing recently, and her friends dared her to join AOA’s poetry club. She has not made any other friends there, but she enjoys the atmosphere and continues to attend meetings. It’s the only club she’s joined since enrolling, other than the LGBTQIA+ Alliance.

Who’s Who: Alexa of the Amaru Colony

Alexa comes from a family of celebrities; her mother, Alaula Amaru, is renowned as the tallest fashion supermodel and actress in the modern mortal realm. Her father, Pierre-Louis Beaulieu, is a popular action star and budding director. Alexa dreams of following in their footsteps as the next top supermodel and actress.

Who’s Who: Zander of the Salem Pack

His father has been urging him to get closer to Estelle Shepard in hopes of the two becoming mates and having pure-bred children. Zander has a different mate in mind, as well as plans for the future.