Who’s Who: Alexa of the Amaru Colony

Name: Alexandrine Amaru

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 30th of September

Year: Freshman

Height: 1.83 m

Hair: honey brown, curly, chest-length

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 14

Zodiac: Libra

Weight: 74.8 kg

Eyes: soot black

Complexion: rich taupe with warm orange-red undertones

Classification: Hunter

Species: Giant

Specialty(ies): superhuman strength, agile, sporty, team player

Greatest fear: being alone

Interested in:

  • team sports
  • modelling and dancing
  • travelling
  • indie creators (music, art, bloggers, influencers, etc.)
  • Edgar

Disinterested in:

  • drama
  • being shy (though she is)
  • being inactive
  • harmful beauty standards

Random Facts:

1. Giants are to the Hunter classification as witches and vampires are to the Enchanter and Hunter classes, respectively; they’re the only ones who don’t need to shift into a humanoid form in order to fit into mortal society. In other words, Alexa looks just like a human, just super tall. The only differences she feels during the full moon are an increase in her strength and hunting capabilities.

2. There’s a good chance that she’s crushing hard on Edgar Calixto, freshman witch of the Serafim Coven. There’s an even greater chance that she is too shy to make a move.

3. Alexa rocked the tryouts for the volleyball, dance, and baseball teams. Since baseball games are held in the spring, volleyball games in the summer, and dance competitions in the fall, she was able to join all three teams. Team sports take precedence over cheerleading, and games and competitions are prioritized higher than practices. This means that Alexa plays volleyball and baseball instead of cheering on the side with the other Honey Bees, and she attends dance competitions instead of baseball/volleyball practice. Practices are held year-round at AOA, giving players a chance to organize their individual schedules accordingly.

4. Alexa comes from a family of celebrities; her mother, Alaula Amaru, is renowned as the tallest fashion supermodel and actress in the modern mortal realm. Her father, Pierre-Louis Beaulieu, is a popular action star and budding director. Alexa dreams of following in their footsteps as the next top supermodel and actress.

5. Since she was young, she was teased for her above average height, leading her to develop insecurities around boys.

Photo by Ithiel Papatua on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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