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Who’s Who: Maria of the Oliveira Coven

She still has a MyStar (occult mix of MySpace and Facebook) floating around somewhere. She never figured out how to delete her account.

Who’s Who: Elle of the Salem Pack

Elle has taken a mild interest in writing recently, and her friends dared her to join AOA’s poetry club. She has not made any other friends there, but she enjoys the atmosphere and continues to attend meetings. It’s the only club she’s joined since enrolling, other than the LGBTQIA+ Alliance.

Who’s Who: Alexa of the Amaru Colony

Alexa comes from a family of celebrities; her mother, Alaula Amaru, is renowned as the tallest fashion supermodel and actress in the modern mortal realm. Her father, Pierre-Louis Beaulieu, is a popular action star and budding director. Alexa dreams of following in their footsteps as the next top supermodel and actress.

Who’s Who: Sofia of the Serafim Coven

Sofia is a member of the Honey Bees, the academy’s dance team. They double as the cheer squad and cheer at sports games. Sofia’s specialties are samba, lambada, hip-hop, foxtrot, quickstep, and dance improvisation.

Who’s Who: Camille of the Young Coven

When she isn’t studying, she’s hanging out at Gobbledy-Book, a mom-and-pop bookstore/café run by the elven Trismenor Clan in Salem. She may or may not have a small crush on Orym, the owner’s son who works there as a barista. Alicia and Gabriel, her charges, tease her over how flustered she becomes in his presence.

Who’s Who: Arabela of the Luna Coven

Arabela is a member of the Drama/Theater Club, International Language Club, the School Choir, and the Environmental Club. She is especially passionate about cleaning up beaches, oceans, and wetlands, and has taken part in many merfolk and fey fundraisers revolving around the topic.

Who’s Who: Zander of the Salem Pack

His father has been urging him to get closer to Estelle Shepard in hopes of the two becoming mates and having pure-bred children. Zander has a different mate in mind, as well as plans for the future.

Who’s Who: Lenora of the Hollingsworth Coven

Lenora and Gray are well aware that Sage’s mother is Gloria Cromwell, Professor Mars Cromwell’s elder sister and a former member of their coven. They would rather squash rumors of Sage’s relation to their coven than meet them head on.