Who’s Who: The Vampire Twins from the Maeng Coven

For the sake of brevity, both twins will be featured in this biography, as they are both minor characters. Kyung-Mi’s info will be labeled (K) and Mi-Rae’s (M).


Names: Kyung-Mi & Mi-Rae

Identities: cisgender female (K) | genderfluid (M)

Birth Date: 11th of May

Year: Sophomore

Height: 1.5 m (K) | 1.65 m (M)

Hair: wavy chin-length, ebony black (K) | past shoulders, slight wave, ginger brown (M)

Orientations: bisexual (K) | queer (M)

Age: 152 (15)

Zodiac: Taurus

Weight: 58.9 kg (K) | 54 kg (M)

Eyes: deep brunette

Complexion: pale fawn with cool magenta undertones; freckles (K)

Classification: Haunter

Species: Vampire

Specialty(ies): self-control, blood sense; limited mammal manipulation (K) & premonitions (M)

Greatest fears: not making an impact on the world (K) | losing Kyung-Mi (M)


  • photography (sports & special events)
  • hard rock, alt-rock, British rock, punk rock
  • animals, mostly cats
  • vegan/cruelty-free products
  • animation, anime, fantasy, sci-fi, action, mystery
  • K-pop, modern hip-hop, rap
  • bigoted bitches (her words)
  • wastefulness
  • laziness


  • fashion throughout the ages
  • cute little mammals, like mice and rabbits
  • K-pop, J-pop, some Latin rap
  • vegan/cruelty-free products
  • romance, drama, coming of age, teen/YA
  • uninspired or boring looks
  • rock, metal, “screamo”
  • humidity
  • laziness

Random Facts:

1. Kyung-Mi and Mi-Rae aren’t actually twins, but triplets. Their brother, Kyung-Ho, was killed in the same car accident that claimed their parents’ lives. Orphaned and missing the only other person who understood them to their cores, Kyung-Mi and Kyung-Hui were saved and offered eternal life. They took the offer, and Kyung-Hui changed their name to Mi-Rae in honor of the future.

2. Kyung-Mi is in the Photography Club, is a backup infielder for the Heavenly Devils baseball team, and plays snare in the academy’s marching band. Mi-Rae is similarly eclectic, being a model and consultant for the Fashion Club, a forward for the Magic Striders football team, and an organizer for the transgender division of the LGBTQIA+ Alliance. Both were raised to be well-rounded individuals and encouraged to seek out their own interests by their long-deceased parents, but each one decided to take on a different sport in honor of their brother.

3. Though they look very much alike, the “twins” aren’t identical; Kyung-Mi has naturally chestnut brown waves, while Mi-Rae was born with beautiful black hair. Both teen vamps have taken to dyeing their hair however they see fit. As far as their personal styles go, Mi-Rae is the fashionista, always sporting carefully curated outfits and accessories while their sister prefers a hipster look that leans toward punk. Mi-Rae has taken it upon themself to choose Kyung-Mi’s outfits for her, each one built upon her desire to wear a particular top or bottom. They do this all while taking into account their sister’s preferences for darker colors and alternative styles, so Kyung-Mi doesn’t really mind their sibling’s help.

4. Mi-Rae has a bit of a crush on Evanora, their usual cosmetologist in the Fashion Club; however, they’re concerned that Evanora’s interest in them may be superficial, and thus have not pursued the witch. Kyung-Mi, on the other hand, is dating Jung-Min, another vampire in their coven. Though biologically seventeen, he’s barely a hundred years old, meaning he’s still undergoing his blood trial and has yet to attend the academy. This also makes Kyung-Mi the elder in their relationship, which she reminds him of during her occasional power trip.

5. The Maeng twins may disagree on music, clothes, and partners, but they agree on a few things: animals are precious, vegans are tasty (feeding on them makes them “honorary” vegans, right?), beauty products should be cruelty-free, red is a great color, and laziness is the worst trait a person could have.

Photo by Bùi Thanh Tâm on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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