Who’s Who: Rosa of the Zaldivar Coven

Name: Rosa Octavia Zaldivar

Identity: cisgender female

Birth Date: 2nd of July

Year: Senior

Height: 1.6 m

Hair: raven black, shoulder-length, wavy

Orientation: homosexual

Age: 18

Zodiac: Cancer

Weight: 52.2 kg

Eyes: crow black

Complexion: deep tawny with cool pink undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): pathomancy, empathic aura, intimidation, misdirection

Greatest fear: not being loved

Interested in:

  • partying
  • nerdy girls
  • mostly 80s & 90s rock
  • vinyl records
  • cats

Disinterested in:

  • being told no
  • not getting her way
  • studying (she gets As anyway)
  • chocolate

Random Facts:

1. Rosa is actually the Zaldivar Coven’s second heir, making her equal to Cari, Lilly, Renette, Elyse, and Gray in status, in spite of her seniority at the academy. Her elder sister, Amaryllis (nicknamed Mari or Amy depending on who you ask) is in her final year of university. Their younger brother Cosmos will be joining the academy next school year… If he doesn’t get held back again.

2. Her familiar Bonjovi is a margay, a small nocturnal wild cat. He’s a feisty little boy who’s so attuned to her emotions–more so than in a normal enchanter-familiar bond. Mari jokes that the two of them are like one entity in two bodies.

3. She’s the vice president of the Charms Club and a member of the Mad Howlers basketball team; her peers all view her as a stubborn, standoffish person who won’t speak to anyone unless she’s going off on them for messing up a play or trying to give away untested charms. In reality, she’s very alert, paying attention to everything going on around her, and lives by a saying taught to her by her mother, Evangelina Zaldivar: “Live your life however you want–but when someone else is calling the shots, their word is gospel.” This means she doesn’t start trouble while on club time, but in fact will follow the rules set by those in charge (Ember Riddle for the Charms Club, and Jude and Melusine Jordan, captain and co-captain for the basketball team) and enforce them as if they were her own. This has led to her gaining at least some respect from her fellow seniors who’ve become aware of this behavior, while the underclassmen who see and face her wrath are terrified of her.

4. Despite rumors, Rosa is actually a solid A student with consistent high marks, and she’s a valuable and adept team player on the basketball court. She gets a momentary high off of making others believe she isn’t as smart, strong, or powerful as she is, only to reveal a fraction of her capabilities and relish their shock.

5. Her empathic aura allows her to not only passively influence the emotions of others, but to sense the emotions of those around her. While Helena can see aura in the form of shapes and colors, Rosa can feel it through her senses. If she smells blood, someone’s pissed. If she feels as if it’s raining when it isn’t (remember, no weather in the dark dimension), then someone’s sad. If she can taste chocolate, then someone nearby has romantic feelings… And it frustrated her to no end when she dated Dominique Sotolongo and the taste of chocolate began to fade from her tongue. It wasn’t until she noticed Nikki gazing over at then-freshman Sofia de Paz that the sweet flavor began to return. Never one to be outdone (and always notoriously petty), Rosa publicly dumped Nikki and then asked out Sofia not moments later.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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