Who’s Who: Rafael of the De Ardo Coven

Name: Rafael Constantín Solart

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 4th of October

Year: Senior

Height: 1.75 m

Hair: short, chocolate brown, wavy, pompadour with side part, sides shaved with bald fade

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 17

Zodiac: Libra

Weight: 61 kg

Eyes: dark soot

Complexion: medium fawn with cool rose undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): divination, crystal magick, curses, sigils

Greatest fear: seeing too much

Interested in:

  • mysteries, suspense, true crime
  • still life, nature/wildlife & architectural photography, macro
  • collecting crystals and minerals
  • surprises/the unexpected

Disinterested in:

  • watching the same thing twice
  • when an artist’s music all sounds the same
  • everyone around him
  • sports, horror, action-adventure (they’re all predictable)

Random Facts:

1. Rafael is a member of the STEM, divination, photography, and art clubs, and he is the leader of the flute section. He’s a secret creative with his own in-home darkroom and a studio dedicated to sketching and painting. Recently, his mother gifted him a drawing tablet along with his new computer, encouraging him to try his hand at digital art.

2. Raf is unique in that his divination comes in the form of visions that unfold in the real-world equivalent of half a second, even though they usually feel as if he is watching up to twenty minutes of the future. With focus, he can control what he sees, but the duration is out of his hands. He’s also figured out how to activate this ability: by making eye contact with the target. As a result, Rafael has learned to avoid eye contact… Unfortunately, it also means that he keeps others at arm’s length. If you’ve hung out with him, odds are he’s accidentally glimpsed into your future, but you can’t really lose someone if you weren’t ever close to them, right?

3. He already knows that Maddy has a crush on him, but he won’t pursue her. He already knows who she ends up with, and it isn’t him.

4. That joy-filled ability of Raf’s? He inherited it from his mother, Emelie Solart. She comes from a long line of fortune-tellers and con artists, and she uses her ability to solve crimes as a D.E.A.D. detective. This is a bit of a stretch from their ancestors, who only went so far as consulting with D.E.A.D. and L.O.R.E. Rafael’s father Jay Mills, on the other hand, is where he gets his creativity from; he’s an artist who’s dabbled in every artform imaginable. Not too shabby for a human… And for the son of a trapper.

5. Rafael’s best friend and familiar is Ginger, a northern harrier who often fights with Credo, Maddy’s coyote, over fish. His next best friend after that is Camille, the heir of Young Coven and his ex-girlfriend.

Photo by Justin Chen on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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