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Happy Birthday Attack!

He’s a joker and a bit of a schemer; he’s young at heart, yet wise beyond his years. Many of Attack’s peers seek out his advice on various topics. They know that if he can’t help them find clarity, then there’s a good chance that Nail can.

Happy Birthday Dream!

Dream relies on common sense and facts, while Love is driven by her emotions. Her code name was actually given to her by Imprint, who accidentally wandered into her dreams using his ability. He realized that she was more of a visionary than she let show, and urged her to make her dreams a reality. No one knows what Imprint saw in Dream’s mind except for Shade.

Happy Birthday Cross!

Cross spent most of his childhood stealing supplies from the colonies they passed through, as his father was often too drunk to hunt. He always seemed to forget to barter for clothes for his growing child, which was yet another reason for the youth to become a thief. As he got older, he began stealing less for necessity and more out of greed, taking weapons and supplies from unsuspecting colonists.

Happy Birthday Nail!

As their superior and the soul mate of their chief, Nail became a mother figure to members of Wave Three. This was already the case with Shade, her younger cousin whose mother was killed on a scouting run. She’s abrasive and boasts “tough love,” but in reality she’s the first to notice when something is off with her “children”–AKA, her actual son and the Wave Three demons.

Happy Birthday Gag!

When soul mates in the Saturn Rising universe have children, there is no guarantee that they will have the potential to carry a spirit in need of reincarnation. In the case of the kids of the elder Poseideans, most of them were born after the majority of the third wave (Scorch and his followers), so they are simply human…

Happy Birthday Risk!

She pays close attention to her surroundings at all times, and is rarely taken by surprise. One can find Risk with multiple weapons on her person, including two knives, two guns, and a wooden bat. (She saw that last weapon in a superhero comic once and thought it looked cool.)