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Life Update #3? IDEK Anymore

Hey readers! Sorry for the long absence. I hadn’t planned to be gone for so long, but my break has given me the chance to work on my next book and find a job. Currently, I’m the only working person in my home, so things are pretty difficult. That being said, I don’t think I

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Life Update #3

Been a minute since I’ve written one of these. I wish I knew the science behind writer’s block. I wonder if someone has looked into it–into the psychological factors that trigger it. I’m sure someone has; there’s probably an article somewhere where they breakdown everything. Diet, environment, emotional state… Tomorrow’s my birthday. I’ll be another

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I Take Part In Writing Competitions (Here’s How You Can Help)

I recently began taking part in Vocal Challenges. Vocal is a platform where writers can share their content and get paid for views, and the challenges are Vocal-exclusive writing contests where the submissions must adhere to specific guidelines. I’ve entered a few stories in challenges recently, and I’d appreciate your help in securing a spot in the top three!