Looking Good! [June Schedule-FINAL]

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June’s still looking good! Let’s review the (final) schedule:


  • Lizzie’s Diary


  • Weird: Book of Secrets
  • Weekly Horoscope by Mortimer (Fiona guest post)


  • Weekly Rumor Has It… by Arion


  • Weird character biographies
  • Weekly Health Tips with Melusine


  • Premium blog for paying subscribers
  • Weekly Sports highlight by Feliks


  • Weekly Middy Menu highlight by Aspen

Saturday, June 12th: Eidolon short story

Light blue text – SotS blog
Yellow text – TAC blog

*Important note: very much the last update for a while. Reminder: Eidolon was never meant to be an ongoing series of stories, but a short collection of my worst nightmares recorded in digital format. These stories were all either dreams I had or hallucinations I experienced throughout my life. There may be a separate series in the future where I candidly discuss my “paranormal” experiences.

The five birthday bios for never-before discussed TCoLD characters are still on!

I hope you find June’s schedule to be agreeable. Thanks for reading!

Natty P. đź–¤

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