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April’s Schedule Is Late And I Wish I Could Say It Was Part Of A Planned April Fool’s Joke But It Isn’t

April’s schedule (better late than never, I guess? Right?? Again…?)

Interested In Sports? The Beltane Festival Is Your Chance — The Arcane Citizen

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com At the Academy of Occult Arts, you’re certain to find a club that fits your needs. Whether you prefer to keep it light and join the Yoga Club, be daring and join the Parkour Club or Broomstick Racing Club, or if you’re at your best when you’re competing against other […]

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Who’s Joining Our Ranks? | Rumor Has It… — The Arcane Citizen

Missed me, babe? 😘 While we all adore our strong, athletic-minded Feliks, the time for good-byes is passed! Let us now look to the future, and who is the future? That’s right, Citizens! It’s the children–particularly the cute little freshies rumored to attend AOA this year. Shall we dive deep into her sound, darlings? Who’s Joining

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