April’s Schedule Is Late And I Wish I Could Say It Was Part Of A Planned April Fool’s Joke But It Isn’t

Yeah, I know that that title is way too long, but the list of things I need to do is also too damn long, so we’re all coping in the best way we can. I’ll post a life update soon that will go into detail, but the long and short of it is that I’ve not had a lot of time between missed/late blogs and commissions. I haven’t been able to do the things I’ve wanted, like re-recording my audios, sharing character bios on their birthdays, or even writing my next book… So for now, I’m just focusing on catching up on blogs and completing commissions.

With that, I had to make an adjustment to April’s schedule, and this post is late as a result.

Schedule for April 2022

As a reminder, blogs labeled “SotS” will be posted here on Sisters of the Shadows, and those labeled “TAC” will go up on The Arcane Citizen. As for the birthday biographies, characters labeled with “W” are from Weird and those that aren’t labeled are from any series in The Chronicles of Life & Death.


  • NEW chapters of Weird: Book of Secrets (SotS)
  • Wyn’s Weekly Insight (TAC)


  • Magick Mania with Cari (TAC)


  • NEW biographies for Weird characters (SotS)
  • Poetic Justice with Axel (TAC)


  • Health Tips with Melusine (TAC)


  • School News with Aspen (TAC)


  • Sports Highlight with Helena (TAC)


  • NEW entries for Lizzie’s Diary (SotS)
  • Rumor Has It… by Angel (TAC)


April 1st – Scout & Fiona (W), Chase

April 2nd – Dash

April 3rd – Freeze

April 4th – Ooze

April 5th – Bruise & Thunder

April 6th – Envy

April 7th – Merge

April 8th – Sparkle

April 9th – Rave, Love, & Imprint

April 10th – Hate & Fear

April 11th – Leer

April 12th – Vanish

April 13th – Perish

April 17th – Renette (W)

April 20th – Shouta

April 22nd – Storm (W)

You’ll notice that Wyn’s Weekly Insight is labeled differently in the planner graphic. That’s because I wasn’t originally sure if I should change the name of the segment once Aerwyna took over, but I honestly like the new title better. I’ll have it changed for future graphics to avoid confusion.

Another thing you might notice is that there aren’t as many SotS blogs as there used to be. I had always planned on giving Scarlett Moon a break after March, and Monty’s Memories isn’t slated to come back for a while, but I was really hoping to have started Daring Melody by now. Unfortunately, with everything going on, I haven’t had the time or energy to start something new. It might be a while before I can give DM the attention it needs–maybe after SM finishes, and SM was never meant to be a long series. It’ll be lucky to have as many entries as S.o.t.S.–and MM is basically done, just waiting for LD to reach a certain point before posting an MM update, and then for LD to finish before sharing MM’s finale. It’s the only way I know how to post both without avoiding spoilers.

Also, I realize that I missed the first four days of birthdays, but I’ll try to schedule the biographies for the remaining birthdays accordingly. With luck and dedication, I should have April’s blogs completed before the week is out, allowing me to focus on commissions and future projects. I appreciate your patience while I catch up on everything.

In the meantime, please continue to support me by liking and sharing my blogs with your friends. I’m grateful for any tips and donations, and I also want to let you know that I’m now offering memberships on Ko-fi! You can become one for as low as $1/month, which gives you see updates more often and have access to my new Discord server–and if you choose to support me for $5/month, you’ll get to see member-exclusive content like lore hints, polls, and unedited NSFW stories! I’ll share a blog soon that explains each tier in detail, and another for my updated commissions.

Enjoy my writing and stay safe.

Natty P. đź’™

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