March 2021

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Blog Schedule:

Every Sunday: NEW chapters for Lizzie’s Diary

Every Monday: NEW chapters for Weird: Book of Secrets

Every Wednesday: NEW biographies for original characters

3/20: NEW short story for Eidolon

3/2, 3/12, 3/26 and 3/29: NEW articles on The Arcane Citizen

That’s right–Lizzie’s Diary is back! I’ve had time to consider how best to continue the story so that Lizzie’s fate is as it should be at the beginning of Aquarius. The new entries will probably continue through April and possibly May, so consider all of this “season two” of this mini-series.


3/7 – Emily Todd’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/8 – Pixie Vaughn’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/10 – Gwendolyn Reed’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/11 – Sabryna Blair’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/13 – Rush’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/14 – Risk’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/15 – Gag’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/16 – Nail’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/17 – Cross’ birthday (TCoLD)

3/18 – Dream’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/21 – Attack’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/23 – Sage Bloodworth’s birthday (Weird)

3/25 – Whisper’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/26 – Kill’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/27 – Bash’s birthday (TCoLD)

3/28 – Shade’s birthday (TCoLD)

So I may or may not have just realized how many birthdays are in April… 😬 There are twenty-three. Twenty-three of my characters were born in April–so, in order to balance out that load of birthday bios (which I used to consider “mini-bios” but let’s be honest, I write essays on each of them), I’ll be cutting the planned biographies for Weird characters in half. Also, I was hoping to bring back another mini-series in April to post in conjunction with Lizzie’s Diary, but I’ve opted to wait until May for that one. I shouldn’t be bombarded with birthdays by then 😅

April should have:
  • A NEW short story from Eidolon
  • slightly shorter birthday bios (for your sanity along with mine)
  • long entries for Lizzie’s Diary
  • a more consistent schedule for TAC articles
  • a rare triple birthday bio day! (three separate bios in one day)

Enjoy the new content!

Natty P. 🖤

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