November Schedule

Things are looking good for November! I’m writing this toward the end of September, so I apologize if this sounds weird, but I’ve just finished scheduling all of October and November’s posts, including their social media counterparts! I’m still working on December, but I’m trying to get most of December scheduled before Friday–AKA October, AKA the first of the month we’re already in by the time you’re reading this. Phew.

Anyway! Here’s the schedule for November:

Calendar for November | Graphic made at Canva

Ta-dah! It’s not much compared to December, but it’s more than October. Weird chapters will resume this coming Monday–the 1st of November–and will continue on until the end of December. Character bios for Weird characters will continue on Wednesdays, and birthday bios for TCoLD characters will occur as they should. This month is a Cytherean birthday month, so there will be more lore bits for Book Two: Taurus.

I’ll be working on Lizzie’s Diary shortly so I can bring it back for December. As I stated in October’s schedule/recap, in January there won’t be any updates since I’ll be focusing on getting ahead again. I might keep the birthday bios going, but that’s a big maybe. It might honestly be in the best interests of the story if I hold off on any Jovian biographies until Saturn Rising has finished, so if I do post any birthday bios for January, then they’ll most likely be the Cronian bios that I missed at the beginning of the year.

That’s it for this update, folks! Thank you again for sticking by me. I hope you enjoy the content to come!

Natty P. đź’ś

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