October Schedule + End Of Year Recap

Heyyyyy… Been a minute.

My first official post won’t go up until October 1st – next Friday – so I’ve decided to tide you over with an update on my writing and my plan.

Step 1: October

In order to get me back in the habit of writing, I’ve made October an easy month. Just Weird character biographies and TCOLD birthday posts, with the former going up on Wednesdays.

Schedule for October 2021 – Graphic made at Canva

Step 2: November

For the following month, I’ll keep the biographies and birthday posts, but I’ll also include new chapters of Weird: Book of Secrets. These will go up on Mondays.

Step 3: December

For the final month of the year, I’ve decided to bring back Lizzie’s Diary and post new chapters of those on Sundays – in conjunction with the Weird chapters, character bios, and birthday posts, of course. December will have the most birthday posts of any month except for January.

Step 4: Rest

I’ve decided to give myself January to relax and focus on other things. Chapters of Weird and Lizzie’s Diary will be paused, as well character bios, but I’m debating on keeping the birthday posts up since there are just so many of them. If all goes well, I’ll not only return in February with my two main series, but I’ll also bring back a third series that was paused close to the end.

For the sake of my sanity, I’ll hold onto the calendars for November-January, just in case I have to change something, but things have been going well so far! All the Weird character bios are done, and I’m nearly finished with chapters of Weird. Once I’m done with that, I’ll be tackling the TCOLD side of things, which I’m certain will be a blast!

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you enjoy the stories that I have to tell.

Natty P. đź’ś

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