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Happy Birthday Alexa!

Alexa is a full-blown witch. She’s a practicing Wiccan, vegan, and cat mom. More often than not she’s doing what she can to foil Chris’ pranks–it’s her way of pranking him.

Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris was one of the first teleporters I ever created. He’s based off a friend I had in high school. I hung out with “outcasts”; goths, punks, skaters, stoners, anime nerds… That’s who I based many of my first characters off of.

Happy Birthday Cassie!

She volunteers to help out at the orphanage, human school, and the halfway house ran by Lizzie (now run by the Peters family in Karia’s absence). She also volunteers for scouting missions, but she and Cooper are left behind in favor of Connor. She can’t help but feel jealous over it, but she tries not to let her father’s blatant preference ruin her self-image.

Happy Birthday Cici!

Cienna–originally under a different name–was created as one of the first members of the Iuppiter Court. She didn’t have an ability until there was a full revamp. She’s modelled after a close friend I had in high school, and even though she’s gone through some changes, her personality is still largely the same.

Happy Birthday Uncle Remi!

Remi and Desi acknowledged their feelings for each other, and the psychic expressed a desire to continue to see both men. When a second soul mate mark appeared on Desi’s soul in conjunction with the mark on Remi’s, that proved that the two were as much meant to be as her and Aldo. She insisted on seeing both men, and that was that.

Happy Birthday Connor!

Connor has honestly been given the short end of the stick. His father places all his hopes on him, his only son and firstborn, to be the strongest and to lead–only for Desideria Alagona to suggest that first Monty supersede him as royal advisor, and then Tony. His cousin, both of his remaining best friends, and both of his sisters have found their soul mates either in other angels within the court or humans in the colony they protect.

Happy Birthday Aunt Desi!

Just assume that she’s already foreseen everything you plan on doing for the day. It’s next to impossible to surprise her. Thankfully, her visions focus mainly on prophecies of great importance, so the angels still manage to find gifts for her. She’s a sweet, sensitive soul, and she ships MontyxLizzie.