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Weird: Book of Secrets, Chapter IV [part ii]

Cookies, Memories, & Awkward Conversation

Coven Clash! | Rumor Has It… — The Arcane Citizen

You read that title correctly, my beloved reader–there is trouble brewing among the witch covens! Rosa Zaldivar was recently caught in an awkward position when her partner walked in on Rosa alone with another girl. This, lovelies, is nothing short of scandalous. Coven Clash! | Rumor Has It… — The Arcane Citizen

Who’s Who: Jett of the Salem Pack

Most were-youth undergo their first transformation as they go through puberty. However, since their father was a human, Jett and his older sister, Jade, were late bloomers. Jade had her first transformation when she was fourteen and passed away shortly after; Jett did not transform for the first time until his seventeenth birthday.

Who’s Who: Val of the de Ardo Coven

Her most treasured memories are all with Cari; taking her to star gaze, watching poorly made horror flicks, using her allowance to buy Cari a beginner’s broomstick. Unfortunately, all of those memories also took place when Cari was very young, before their mother’s expectations began to weigh on Val.