About The Hawkins Coven

The trail-blazing Hawkins Coven with their infamous fire magick and affinity for the theatrical and culinary arts.

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Coven Heads

Cyrus Hawkins – Patriarch (Rank 5 Fire Mage), 2003-present

Cole Riddle – Rank 5 Alchemist

Carolina Silva – Rank 5 Healer

Kordell Fox – Rank 5 Fire Mage

💁🏽 With their specialty being pyromancy, the patriarchs of this coven are almost always fire mages. Alchemists and healers are also prevalent here, and the rest are simply mages.

Former Heads

Sampson Hawkins – 1978-2003

Keagan Hawkins – 1953-1978

Brando Hawkins – 1928-1953

Fenicks Hawkins – 1903-1928

Ignatius Hawkins – 1890-1903

💁🏽 Since this coven is relatively newer, their patrilineage can only be traced as far back as the turn of the 20th century. The first patriarch, Ignatius, gathered like-minded individuals after separating from the De Mortie Coven and traveling west, and his influence was so prominent that he became a celebrity among local magickal beings.


Izayah Hawkins – Rank 4 Fire Mage, senior

Elyse Hawkins – Rank 2 Mage Apprentice, freshman

Members Attending AOA

Ruben Nieves – Rank 4 Alchemist, senior

Ember Riddle – Rank 4 Fire Mage, senior

Omari Leonard – Rank 3 Mage Apprentice, junior

Yasmin Silva – Rank 3 Healer Apprentice, sophomore

Sienna Fox – Rank 2 Light Mage Apprentice, sophomore

Current Members

Agnes Hawkins – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Ashleigh Riddle – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Guillermo Silva – Rank 5 Mage

Orlando Nieves – Rank 5 Alchemist

Yolanda Nieves – Rank 5 Mage

Kanada Misra – Rank 5 Healer

Rekha Misra – Rank 5 Healer

Hestya Hawkins – Rank 5 Mage

Dameon Fox – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Aryana Navarro – Rank 5 Mage

Aiden Torres – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Luisa Navarro – Rank 5 Mage

Isla Torres – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Ardea Leonard – Rank 5 Mage

Savita Misra – Rank 5 Healer

Kennisha Fox – Rank 5 Fire Mage

Ginette Honore – Rank 5 Light Mage

Blaze Riddle – Rank 5 Alchemist

Amarkeeri Misra – Rank 4 Fire Mage

Aarush Misra – Rank 4 Healer

Jacob Fox – Rank 1 Mage Apprentice

Noel Torres – Rank 1 Fire Mage Apprentice

Julia Nieves – Rank 1 Alchemist Apprentice

Sherline Fox

Monise Fox

Gabriel Fox

Orianne Hawkins

💁🏽 This list is only about a third of the Hawkins Coven’s total numbers. What they lack in numbers and variety, they make up for with mortal fame, riches, and territory.


Photo by Nurlan Imash on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva
A close snapshot of the moon, only a sliver visible as the rest is shrouded in darkness, blending in with the pitch-black background. Text over the image reads, "Want updates on the latest blogs? Follow Natasha Penn on social media!" Beneath the moon are the logos for Twitter and Reddit accompanied by the username "nattypenn," and beneath that is the old logo for Instagram with the username "nattypennwastaken."
Graphic made at Canva

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