Who’s Who: Dante of the Horn Coven

He’s somewhat of an artist, but drawing isn’t his real passion; he has an interest in programming, software engineering, and–much to the surprise of other vampires–game design.

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Birth Name: Henry Fritz Daniels

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 11th of April

Year: Senior

Height: 1.8 m

Hair: slightly curly, soot black, medium-length

Chosen Name: Dante Horn

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 18 (154)

Zodiac: Aries

Weight: 61.7 kg

Eyes: charcoal black

Complexion: pale coconut white with light latte undertones and nose freckles

Classification: Haunter

Species: Vampire

Specialty(ies): compulsion, blood magick, magick tracking, speed recovery

Greatest fear: losing his lineage

Interested in:

  • rowdy parties, music festivals
  • street food, sweets, savory tastes
  • spells, rituals, voodoo, curses
  • Type A blood

Disinterested in:

  • Type O or AB blood
  • arrogant people
  • classy affairs, ballroom dancing
  • house, EDM, trap

Random Facts:

1. Dante was born in New Orleans as the son of Odette Daniels, a witch whose small coven was absorbed into the dominating De Mortie Coven. He passed away a couple of months before his nineteenth birthday after battling lung cancer for half a year. Most of his surviving relatives passed away over the next two decades, leaving few blood mages in the coven. His affinity carried over to his undead life, granting him more control over his bloodlust among other interesting skills. He maintains an interest in rituals and spells, even though he cannot conjure more than basic blood magick.

2. He’s the brass captain of AOA’s marching band and plays tuba; he’s also the reporter for the Haunter Student Council, making him the council’s direct contact with the Journalism Club. It’s led to him developing a crush on Fiona Lawrence, the Journalism Club’s president. He knows she’ll never reciprocate–her heart is set on someone else, whether she realizes it or not.

3. The Horn Coven is known for taking in vampires with extraordinary abilities. The coven’s current head, Keenan, is known to transform into small- to medium-size animals, and his “sister” Mave can camouflage with her surroundings, such as disappearing into shadows and turning invisible. Dante can sense blood nearby and determine characteristics of its vessel, i.e. if they’re a member of the occult or a human, if they are sick or healthy, when they last ate and what they consumed, etc. His compulsions are stronger than those of most vampires, he needs to consume less blood than his comrades in order to recover energy and health, and he can sense when magick is being cast within 1000 km!

4. While originally an only child, he’s really taken to his new family–particularly his role as big brother to Mave, Jevera, and Indigo. The latter is a young vamp still enduring her blood trial, and it may be a few years before she can attend AOA. Dante does all he can to aid her, but she has to learn to control herself without help.

5. The Horn Coven has a string of businesses throughout the southeastern region of the United States, such as The Inkubus, a chain of tattoo parlors, Black Widow Brewing Co., a small group of pubs, and Rouge, a New Orleans nightclub popular with occult college students. Keenan encourages his charges to work for any of the businesses at their disposal in order to gain experience, but he’s willing to fund their dreams if they’re determined and proven to succeed. Dante works part-time at their local Inkubus shop, cleaning up and drawing basic designs. He’s somewhat of an artist, but drawing isn’t his real passion; he has an interest in programming, software engineering, and–much to the surprise of other vampires–game design. He wants to start his own game development studio, and Keenan’s willing to fund his dream… If he can find a suitable team to join his cause.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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