Spooky Schedule For Spooktober 2022

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Hello everyone!

Good news: I survived Hurricane Ian! Yay!

In all seriousness, that wasn’t a magnificent feat. I just so happen to live on Florida’s east coast, and it was the west coast that got fucked up at first. We certainly had some rainfall (the canal behind our house is practically in our backyard now!) and we lost power for a while, but that’s nothing compared to our family in Cuba… So, when I say I went without power for day and we had to clean up debris in the neighborhood, don’t feel sorry. There are people on the other side of the state doing far worse and in emergency situations. If you see to help those in need or displaced due to all the flooding and wind damage, please verify its validity and help out if you can.

Now, onto the reason you’re here: October’s schedule. I’ve recently learned that I’ll be moved to day shift at my IRL job–which, let’s be honest, is a huge bummer. I love working nights because the workload is easy enough that I can focus on my writing in between tasks, and when it’s slow I can take breaks whenever I want. It’s still slow season, though, so I’ll have breathers between calls… I hope.

Anyway, working days means I’ll also be working five days a week, as opposed to the four I was accustomed to (I chose a schedule with 10-hour shifts because I like having a three day weekend.) That limits my writing to late evenings (if I’m not burnt out from sitting at my PC all day) and weekends. That being said, TAC articles won’t be making a comeback just yet. I know in my heart that I want to continue creating that content–every time I think about it, I come up with new ideas–but I just can’t devote any of my time or energy to all of that right now. This may all change after mid- to late-November, but I won’t know ’til it happens. :/

So! Here’s what you have to look forward to for October:

October 2022 Schedule

(All times are in EST)


8 pm – NEW chapters for Weird


3 am – NEW Eidolon story (10/25 only)

8 pm – NEW TCOLD group biography (10/4 only)


8 pm – NEW Weird character biographies


8 pm – NEW entries for Lizzie’s Diary


8 pm – NEW Weird group biography

Saturday & Sunday



  • Weird chapters
  • Lizzie’s Diary entries
  • character/group biographies


  • All times have changed to 8 pm EST, except for Eidolon, which is extra and will be posted at 3 am
  • Weird group bios are here to stay until further notice.
  • Eidolon’s making a brief comeback for Halloween!
  • TCOLD group and birthday bios will be paused for a while after this.
  • Tuesday will only have posts on the first and last Tuesday of October.

As you know, I had to miss one character and one group biography this week (thanks, Ian). Those will just go up next week at their scheduled times. I’m not sure if you’ve realized this, but I don’t necessarily write bios relative to what’s happening in the story that week. When it comes to biographies, I focus on completing what I’m interested in, when I have an interest in doing so. It’s made things a heck of a lot easier–can’t continue if I’m not enjoying myself, right?

Recently, Facebook and Instagram stats have told me that I have more readers and visitors on my social media accounts around 7-8 pm EST. I have no way of really knowing if that’s true, but I decided to incorporate that into my scheduling. All nighttime posts will now go up at 8 pm! When birthday biographies eventually resume, I’ll make sure to post them earlier than that, but still in the evenings. Eidolon stories will only go up around the witching hour, though. I have an aesthetic to uphold.

Speaking of Eidolon, this month’s story isn’t so much its own story as it is the third and final part of Reflections. I’ve been meaning to complete that… It was never meant to be a three-part story, and I apologize if that killed any build-up for you guys. I’m considering taking down the previous two parts and posting them with the finale on 10/25, that way you can read it all at once as if it’s the first time. I’m leaning toward that, but we’ll see how I’m feeling by the time I complete it. I’m also hoping to have Eidolon stories resume in a month or two–there wouldn’t be more than one short story every couple of months, but it’s a way to finally work on the plots I have set aside.

I may also use this month to revamp the format for group biographies–for both major series, I mean. Each group is meant to have notable abilities (at least as far as Enchanters and affinities go) so I really want to incorporate that.

Oh, and I suppose I should explain why I’m pausing TCOLD group/birthday bios after this month… Simply put, I don’t have any to share yet. Unlike Weird, those biographies are supposed to coincide with the main story, so I can’t post about characters from groups that haven’t been mentioned in Saturn Rising or any of the blogs–sure, I can get away with introducing characters you haven’t read about, but only if the groups they’re a part of hold some importance in the stories you’ve read. When the time is right, we’ll dive back into these… And if all goes well, we’ll start with the group bio for the Iuppiter Court.

“But Nat, you already posted birthday bios for the Iuppiter Court!”

Yes, but those biographies correlate with Monty’s Memories and Lizzie’s Diary. The group bio is what’ll tie those individual character posts to the main series. You’ll understand when the time comes… Hopefully by January 2023.

I think that’s all I have to share for now. Thank you so much for sticking around and reading my blogs, biographies, and posts. I’ll be focusing my efforts on writing this coming weekend. There’s also a chance I’ll reopen commissions in November, but we’ll play it by ear.

Thank you for your patience. If you’d like to support my creative efforts, feel free to check out my Ko-fi to learn how you can help, be it with a one-time donation or by becoming a member! I’ll post a blog soon that goes more into detail on how Ko-fi helps fund my writing.

Enjoy the upcoming content, and stay safe.

Natty P. 💙

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