Who’s Who: Omoyeni of the Death Division

Name: Omoyeni

Identity: genderqueer

Birth Date: 23 of January

Year: Senior

Height: 1.65 m

Hair: onyx, natural coils, normally worn in Bantu knots or thick twists

Orientation: asexual

Age: 123

Zodiac: Aquarius

Weight: 65.8 kg

Eyes: mulberry red

Complexion: deep umber with warm golden undertones

Classification: Haunter

Species: Psychopomp

Specialty(ies): shapeshifting, glamour, zoolingualism

Greatest fear: being just another cog in the system

Interested in:

  • animals (cats ftw)
  • the internet (fascinating!)
  • memes and trolling others (they just learned what those terms meant the year before)
  • fashion & modeling
  • marabi, swing, jazz, lo-fi hip-hop
  • pumpkin spice flavor (LOVES people’s reactions to them ordering it)

Disinterested in:

  • being misgendered
  • animal abusers
  • domestic abusers
  • child abusers
  • country, bluegrass

Random Facts:

1. Psychopomps–commonly referred to as reapers–have three vital rules that impact their undead existences: the first, they cannot speak lies; the second, they cannot roam the mortal realm without being assigned to a contract; thirdly, they cannot know how they lived in their former mortal lives. Doing so would create attachments between the psychopomp and the mortal realm, dissolving their position as soul guide, and the reaper would subsequently cease to exist. It’s for this reason that Omoyeni doesn’t seek out the truth of their past… I mean, it’s the reason they shouldn’t. It’s the reason they aren’t supposed to. It is for that reason that they most definitely should not, under any circumstances, do anything to jeopardize their existence by seeking out such forbidden knowledge… Right?

2. Omoyeni is skilled at glamour and transformation magick, which allows them to alter their appearance to blend in with the crowd. Since reapers are frozen at the ages they were upon death, they also retain all the same physical characteristics they had when they died–except for their eyes. Their eyes will always be a shade of red.

3. The Death Division is constantly vetting new recruits from the hundreds of thousands of daily deaths; only one soul makes the cut every few years. This works out in that, by the time their century of training is complete, they are enrolled at AOA (the most prestigious co-ed academy for all magickal creatures) and placed under the tutelage of the reaper that came before them. Omoyeni’s tutor was Elodie, a patient psychopomp with a flair for the dramatic. Omoyeni channels their predecessor’s patience as they navigate their senior year and tutor Taeyang, who makes a point of challenging them every step of the way.

4. They’re a member of the Yoga Club, the leader of the LGBTQIA+ Alliance’s genderqueer division, committee chairperson for the Haunter Student Council, and the drum major for AOA’s marching band. Since they have to watch Taeyang at all times, they decided to trick Taeyang into joining all the same clubs as them with the motivation for him to surpass them in all fields. He fell for it.

5. When they aren’t trolling online forums and learning about the latest memes and Twixie rumors, they’re keeping up with contemporary fashion trends and learning what they can about modeling. Unfortunately, it can only ever be a hobby, as their role as a soul guide will be a full-time occupation. They try not to let that get to them, and still managed to found the Academy’s “secret” fashion club with Mortimer Glossian.

Photo by Belinda Amoah on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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