Who’s Who: Oreste of the Quercini Coven

Name: Oreste Stefano di San Macario

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 1st of November

Year: Senior

Height: 1.94 m

Hair: dark charcoal, short, wavy

Orientation: homosexual

Age: 18

Zodiac: Scorpio

Weight: 95.2 kg

Eyes: puce (brown with purple tint)

Complexion: smooth fawn with cool pink undertones

Classification: Enchanter

Species: Witch

Specialty(ies): elemental divination, telepathy, destiny perception, intuition, scrying

Greatest fear: being too late to act

Interested in:

  • pretty crystals and stones
  • yoga, aerobics, bike rides
  • hunky guys on motorcycles
  • friendly competitive atmosphere
  • games with overly detailed character customization

Disinterested in:

  • gender norms
  • vintage wash denim 🤢
  • when big designer brands make ugly, overpriced products
  • body shaming
  • too much fast food

Random Facts:

1. Oreste’s the vice president of the Divination Club, a model and consultant in the Fashion Club, a member of the yoga, drama, potions, and international language clubs–and he’s an organizer for the LGBTQIA+ Alliance’s gay department. Other than Italian and English, he also speaks German and French. He hadn’t intended to join so many clubs–things just sort of panned out that way.

2. He doesn’t have any major life goals at the moment, just enjoying life as influencer GoGoGlam. Even though he’s stepped into the gaming scene as of late and taken Nethru by storm, Oreste is still a DarkScene model and beauty vlogger at heart. His Sline collaborations have been on the rise as well, but his weekend nights are dedicated to livestreaming on Nethru with his best buds, Max and Diego.

3. Though a couple of potential suitors have tried to court him, none have caught his eye. Oreste has seen a couple of visions that have given him hints as to who his lifelong partner is. Sharp grey eyes, hair so fair its almost white, and a gravelly voice that sends shivers down his spine. He doesn’t know who he is or when he’ll meet him, but he can sense it will be soon.

4. Oreste’s nemesis is Cyborne, a faceless Nethru personality who hosts a live podcast where he invites guests on to debate politics and controversial topics. He also broadcasts influencer news and drama, making him one of the most watched streamers on the platform. Cyborne’s been a driving force behind the hate against GoGoGlam’s arrival on the gaming scene, claiming that Oreste is just a clout chaser going for the most profitable avenue. Oreste doesn’t really let Cyborne get to him, especially when he has big influencers like hexdout, KidxReject, heartxriddlexfire, glamorc, dramakingarion, PuppySugar♥, and LonelyProphet in his corner.

5. He comes from a long line of seers and prophets; his father is Zaccheo di San Macario, the highest-ranked seer in the Quercini Coven. His mother, on the other hand, is Flaminia Ciarcia, a highly-ranked telepath. Reading minds without an invocation is the mark of a truly gifted witch. The most powerful telepathic witch in history was Cassiopea Ciarcia, Flaminia’s younger sister who passed away over fifteen years prior.

Please note: members of the occult have their own social media platforms separate from mortals. Nethru is their equivalent of YouTube and Twitch, DarkScene is their Instagram, Sline is their TikTok/Vine, and their Twitter is Twixie. Technically they have a Facebook equivalent called MyStar, but it’s more like MySpace where only established and aspiring musicians gain followers, so only a handful of the older/college-age characters and very few of the teenage characters use it still.

Photo by Pedram Normohamadian on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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