Who’s Who: Deandrae of the Caribbean Pod

Name: Deandrae Gerald Mayne

Identity: cisgender male

Birth Date: 30 of November

Year: Sophomore

Height: 1.75 m

Hair: chin-length, deep brown, dreadlocks

Orientation: heterosexual

Age: 15

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Weight: 61.7 kg

Eyes: bistre brown

Complexion: medium sepia with warm yellow undertones

Classification: Hunter

Species: Merfolk

Specialty(ies): speed swimming, enhanced lung capacity, high visual acuity

Greatest fear: being written off

Interested in:

  • working out
  • astronomy
  • jazz, ska, electro-funk
  • the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • pecan pie, gelato, and kiwis

Disinterested in:

  • ableists
  • videogames with nonsensical plot
  • limits
  • country and rock
  • super sweet desserts

Random Facts:

1. Deandrae, like most merfolk at AOA, is a member of the swim team. He’s also in the environmental and drama clubs, and he’s a trombone player for the marching band. The latter does require him to be pushed around the field by another student; Feliks is the usual volunteer, lending his speed and strength to the ambitious sophomore.

2. When he was six, he and his parents were in a car wreck involving a semi and two other vehicles. There were a handful of fatalities among the mortals, but thankfully Deandrae and both of his parents survived. The accident left him partially paralyzed in both legs, but the love and support of his family coupled with his own determination have aided in his deep dive into physical extra-curricular activities.

3. As the members of the Caribbean Pod are very close, Deandrae grew up seeing Quanesia Atkins and Shamecca Smith as sisters, and Secoiya Rieviere as an overbearing big sister. However, since the summer of 2021, he’s begun to see Shamecca as more than a friend–a revelation that has brought him nothing but discomfort and confusion. He hasn’t told anyone, but his parents and Secoiya have noticed the way he acts around his best friend.

4. When groups of magickal beings live within a certain proximity, they tend to develop close ties that bridge the differences between their species. It’s thanks to this logic that the Caribbean Pod is on good terms with the Luna Coven, which works in their favor; the Luna Coven is spread out across the Caribbean islands and Central America, and they use their reach to control the fishing industry, thereby keeping the merfolk population safe. This also means that Deandrae is close with younger members of the coven, particularly the Milian brothers. If there’s a house party hosted by one of the Luna witches–which there seems to be one at least every month–then Deandrae and the girls are always in attendance.

5. While he always had a mild interest in astronomy, Deandrae didn’t really dive into the subject until a year after his accident. He finds solace in the fact that he can lay back and stargaze whether he’s on land or floating in the sea.

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

Graphic made at Canva

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Graphic made at Canva

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