January Schedule + New Schedule Format!

The old calendar design is out. New year, new look!

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Sorry, I recently completed all the birthday bios for January and February (it’s October 30th at the time I’m writing this) so I’m feeling a weird mix of burn out and rejuvenation. Never mind that; we’re here because I finished all the birthday bios for January–the most bios I’ve had to do in a month since the Havet Tribe–and I wanted to update you on how January is going to look, as well as the new schedule format from here on out.

First off, the original calendar design is out, and a new planner look is in:

Schedule for January 2022 | Graphic made at Canva

Ta-dah! It now looks like a planner! No more abbreviations and multiple markings. I’m channeling my writer instinct and just going full monte. Beginning in February, the planner will show the full description of what I’m posting on what days, allowing for a simplified format. It doesn’t look like much at this time, but February is chock full of birthdays and blogs!

As I stated in a previous blog, January will be a break for me. A sort of “catch up” month, if you will. I didn’t want to deal with missing deadlines during the holidays, so instead I’ve done it all in advance! I feel so accomplished!

Don’t be discouraged by all those off days, though! That just means that I won’t be posting chapters then… For now. February will see the return of weekly Weird bios, Weird chapters, entries for Lizzie’s Diary, and maybe something else…

For now, I hope you enjoy your holidays. Eat and drink to your heart’s content, and I might have something to say on New Year’s Eve. Maybe. We’ll see what happens when the end of December is upon me as it is upon you. Knowing me, it’ll be a Ravings entry… Then again, I’m on medication, so maybe not.

Enjoy the coming content, and stay safe.

Natty P. 🧡

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