Another Year Behind Us

The Arcane Citizen

Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash

Time may move slower in the dark dimension, but that doesn’t change the fact that yet another year has come and gone. We’ve shared laughter, tears, heartache, and triumph over these grueling twelve months: between quarantine keeping us apart for club activities and sporting events, our favorite Advanced Magick professor retiring, and still no news regarding the disappearance of our beloved former headmaster Zohar, it has probably felt like a lifetime. Melusine–the vice president of this very club–recently said that she felt as if March 2020 was an eternity ago. While Haunters may scoff at such sentiment, I’m certain that I speak for every Hunter and Enchanter reading this when I say that that statement rings true for us. We, who have never been burdened with eternal life or afterlife, will never come as close to experiencing the agony that is to exist without…

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