Shades of Blue

Part of the Miscellaneous Poetry project.

1 minute
Little Lucy sits on her balcony

So she can hide from her demons.

Eyes like sapphires watch for falling rain
In the changing of the seasons.

Alone with her thoughts and without a care,
She comes to realize that someone's there.

Little Lucy turns her head
To glare at this intruder,
Only to find herself lost
In eyes of deep, dark pewter.

The stranger stares at her, and she stares back,
Unaware that her cool mask has a crack.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Little Lucy conjures a spell
To dispose of him brutally,
But her uninvited guest smirks
And laughs oh, so beautifully.

The sound catches her off guard
And rivals her beating heart.

Little Lucy feels dizzy;
She's a gasping, red-faced mess,
But she powers through their chat
So that she has no regrets.

Lost in his everything,
Lucy fights the urge to sing.

♡ Lucia & Leonardo ♡

Little Leo takes a leap

To meet their brand new guest;

Instead he finds an angel

Whose beauty caught his breath.

He vows then and there to stay by her side,

Unaware their downfall will be his pride...

... But for now, they hide.

Inspired by my original characters.


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