Dream Things

Part of the Miscellaneous Poetry project.

1 minute
My feelings
Was never my forte.
My dream things
Was never okay--
But all that ends today.

The sight of you has me reeling,
Reaching for the ceiling.
Love is unappealing to those still healing...
But then you glanced my way.

They say patience and time
Are all that one needs,
But will this sorry little rhyme
Help us plant those seeds?

Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

A head topped with umber twists,
Two piercing chocolate eyes;
A mask that hides secret lips
Doubles as your disguise.

You're not as I expected;
You don't tower over me,
And yet I'm still affected
By your brief display of glee.

You hide in plain sight--
We are the same
--And then you walked to the right before I could catch your name.
What a start to my day...

My freedom was short-lived
Because you came along,
And for some odd reason
I'm reminded of a song.

I can hear the stirring lyrics.
I can hear the gentle melody.
I feel like I'm in hysterics--
What on Earth is wrong with me?

I’ll find you someday.

My heart is pounding.
How you're rounding
The corner near me.
It's dumbfounding,
The warmth of my cheeks.

My thoughts constantly hounding
As you brush past me.
You pause to beg pardon--
Your eyes widen,
Your emotions guarded.
Stumbling over your words
As I smile shyly and wave off your concerns.

Your ears tinted pink,
You continue on your way.
What a start to my day,
Don't you think?

Inspired by a recurring dream.

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