December Schedule!

December’s Blog Schedule & a ⚠️SPOILER⚠️

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As November draws to a close, it’s time to bust out the blog plan for next month–which isn’t just the final month of the year, but the last month before I pause my blogs again.

In December, we’ll see more Weird character biographies, more chapters of Weird, and more TCoLD birthday bios. The most significant difference, however, lies in the return of Lizzie’s Diary, back on its usual Sunday schedule!

Here’s the graphic of the calendar:

Schedule for December 2021 | Graphic made at Canva

You’ll note that there’s a stray Phebean birthday amidst all the Jovian celebrations. That’s because–and this is a SPOILER if you haven’t read Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius yet, so I suggest you skip to the next paragraph to avoid spoilers–Mona, Monty’s twin sister and Lizzie’s guardian, was recruited by Chief Dane of the Semes Tribe after he recognized her soul as belonging to his group. We haven’t seen this come to pass yet in Lizzie’s Diary, but we will–soon.

Oh, here are some updates that aren’t reflected on the calendar: Connor Montgomery’s birthday is December 23rd, and Elyse Hawkins’ birthday is December 24th. I haven’t updated the graphic because the graphic is an old design; there will be a new design come January 2022.

Welp, that’s it for the upcoming content! Look out for all the birthdays and chapters headed your way. It’s still mid-October while I’m writing this–I finished scheduling everything on all three calendars you’ve seen by now–so I’m giving myself until the end of October to decide if I want to completely pause SotS in January or if I want to keep TCoLD birthday bios going during my break. I think some of January’s are already done, and they pertain to Aquarius, so… I don’t see why not? Again, we’ll see.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays, the upcoming blog content, and the end of the year. Stay safe.

Natty P. 💙

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