❗️Hiatus Is Officially OVER❗️

Hello and welcome back, readers! I’m pleased to announce that after several weeks of no blogs, I am back on the writing grind!

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Wooden pole on the side of a road that has been painted white and has signs taped on it. The paint is peeling, revealing bluish-gray beneath, and one of the visible signs is ripped along the bottom. The main sign in focus is white with black font reading, "Good news is coming" in all capital letters. Out of focus in the background is a vehicle parked before a building. The building is red, presumably brick, and the car looks to be either white or silver. All the signs on the pole are wrinkled, with the main one showing signs of water damage.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Hello and welcome back, readers! I’m pleased to announce that after several weeks of no blogs, I am back on the writing grind!

The blog that will kick things off will be the next installment of Lizzie’s Diary, followed by the continuation of Monty’s memories. These will be uploaded Sunday and Thursday respectively. Just a few more entries of each before both series end!

If you haven’t read them yet, I recommend reading both in the order they were written, starting with “Monty – Entry I” (click here to read it.) This would require one to return to the first entry, scroll down past the “Related” posts and tags, and click the “NEXT” button. “Monty – Entry V” would be the last one before you’ll have to return to the homepage and seek out “Lizzie’s Diary – Entry 5” and continue from there.

However, that “NEXT” method of reading may not work going forward. I will soon begin uploading two new mini-series on my blog! It’s undecided whether they will both commence within the same week, but I have plans to upload at least one of them next week. Their launch days will be announced on Twitter prior to their uploads, so follow me for updates!

That’s all for this update, readers. I’ll try to be more active on social media and to push these stories out so that we can all stay preoccupied in this trying time. Please reach out through the “Contact” page if you have any suggestions–and feel free to comment on my blogs! I like knowing I have readers who are people instead of relying on WordPress statistics.

Be safe, be decent… Don’t hoard toilet paper. I MEAN IT.

Natty P.

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Graphic made at Canva

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