Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius

In this first installment of Saturn Rising, the start of The Chronicles of Life & Death, Gio will have to use the memories of his past lives & uncover clues to solve the mystery of the Lost Duo.

Giovanni Sharpe is an angel from Saturn, and a mountain of responsibility was just piled on his teenage shoulders. As the latest reincarnation of Prince Kisembo, he is expected to lead his court on their search and rescue mission. However, with great power and responsibility comes great obstacles. His psychic, Jeremy, is a distant loner who has shut himself off from the rest of the court after years of bullying. Owen, his mentor and predecessor, is blinded by his hatred of demons. Carson, a young man recruited shortly after Giovanni, has been feeding off of Owen’s tragic past and the court’s reservations about Jeremy, sowing discord wherever he can. To top it all off, a demon from one of the tribes pays the court a visit, delivering a message that could help or hinder their shared mission: to locate the lost duo, who were banished twenty thousand years before for reasons that are classified…

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